A PARISH council has lodged a formal complaint over the presentation of the proposals to upgrade the A358 between Hatch Beauchamp and Taunton.

Stoke St Mary Parish Council chairman Michael Baddeley has written to Highways England complaining that no presentations have so far been made in the village.

And he is calling for an extension to the consultation period, which he claims has been cut short because of the upcoming county council and general elections.

Highways England recently unveiled proposals to dual the A358 between Ilminster and Taunton and for a relief road at Henlade and new junction on the M5.

In his letter, Mr Baddeley says: "Within two weeks of the proposals being made public Highways England declared ‘purdah’ preventing further discussion with affected areas by their staff.

"At the same time Somerset County Council declared ‘purdah’ preventing responsible officers and councillors from discussing the proposals.

"No presentation of the proposed road scheme has yet been made by Highways England in the most affected parish, namely Stoke St Mary.

"I request that the consultation period be extended by the time spent in ‘purdah’, four weeks, until June 17."

Mr Baddeley has also asked for a team from Highways England to man an exhibition of the proposals in Stoke St Mary village hall on Thursday, May 11.

Meanwhile, a parish meeting is being held in the village hall next Thursday (April 27) at 7pm