Lorry driver David Gorham hopes a ‘Missing in Taunton’ advert could help find a 44-year-old dolphin trainer he believes could be the woman of his dreams.

The 52-year-old met the mystery woman and her two children in a lay-by when she asked him for directions to a religious festival in Somerset at the end of July.

He has now placed an advert in the Somerset County Gazette claiming one of the children left a toy in his truck while the potential lovebirds chatted for around of half-an-hour.

Somerset County Gazette:

“She didn’t leave anything in my truck at all, I just want to get in touch,” said David, 52, who lives in Maidstone, Kent. “I thought I should have given her my number at the time, but I didn’t. All it needed was for one of us to say, ‘here’s my number’.

“I didn’t want to embarrass her by saying I thought she was really nice. I thought if I said her children had left something behind, I could tell her how I felt then.”

David, who met the woman at Cartgate picnic site near Yeovil on July 25, described the woman as “slightly hippyish” and smokes roll-ups.

He believes her son is 12 and daughter 14 and that she was driving a silver hatchback car, possibly a Citroen.

The said the woman was heading to the New Wine Festival in Shepton Mallet.

David, who spends times in Highbridge on business, believes the pair were getting on rather well during their brief encounter and is now kicking himself for not making a move.

He said: “She said her name but as she did she turned her head to her children and I didn’t catch it. She lives in Taunton. She said she used to live in Malta and trained dolphins. But when her kids were out the way she said, ‘I don’t really train dolphins, I just want my children to think I’m a hero’.

“I have been single for 12 years which is why I am a bit out of touch giving my phone number out.

“She was just nice, open and friendly. It is very rare to find someone who is so nice with nice children, too.”

He said the woman is originally from Stoke but used to work at an aquarium in Malta.

Can you help David get in contact with this woman? Are you the woman in question? Email david.shepherd@nqsw.co.uk.