SPEEDING and traffic lights on a “grey area for motorists” on the A358 around the park-and-ride towards Henlade are causing concern for Ruishton and Thornfalcon Parish Council.

And this week Doug Lowe, chairman of the parish council, said he aired his worries at a meeting with Somerset County Council back in January.

His concerns included drivers going through red stop lights at the traffic light junction with Ruishton Lane and the speed of motorists approaching from the motorway junction.

He told the County Gazette: “People don’t realise it’s a 30mph speed limit and the whole of it is a grey area for motorists.

“I fear for the safety of pedestrians and cyclists. I’d like the county to come up with a safe solution and get to the bottom of it all.”

A Freedom of Information Act request to Avon and Somerset Police from the parish council revealed that a mobile camera has been deployed on the eastbound route of the A358 53 times and westbound 61 times in the past year.

The results saw 4,257 speeding notices issued to eastbound traffic and 891 to westbound traffic heading towards the motorway junction.

In separate requests, the force said 867 offences were detected on the same stretch of the A358 in February and 1,130 in March.

A county council spokesman said: “With regard to the traffic lights we continue to monitor driver behaviour at this location and road safety is of paramount importance to us, so we need to keep this under constant review.

“While there have been no recorded accidents at the junction with Ruishton Lane to date, we’re aware that there’s a perceived risk and are investigating any possible options to mitigate this. The 30mph speed limit through Henlade is by virtue of the system of street lights and the Department for Transport does not allow additional 30mph repeater signs.

“The speed limit is due to be reviewed and all interested parties will be consulted should changes be proposed.”

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