A RETIRED couple could be forced to stay out of their Williton home for weeks after it flooded on Saturday night.

Christine and Doug Human did all they could to protect their 300-year-old High Street property before floodwater cascaded into every ground floor room.

They were at home with their grandsons Lewis, seven, and Sam, four, and the youngsters’ mother Julia Harding when disaster struck.

Christine said: “We were wary about the weather and keeping an eye on it all the time – we did everything we could.

“We put a flood gate out at the front but the water just came in from everywhere. In about 20 minutes the house went from being completely dry to very, very wet.

“My two grandchildren were there and we put them on the stairs so they could stay dry but we kept having to move them further up. They were absolutely terrified.

“It’s horrible, dirty, muddy water. All our children turned up on Sunday and worked tirelessly to get rid of all the mud.

“Friends and family have been absolutely brilliant, turning up with food and trying to help in any way they can. Thank you to all our neighbours and the Wyndham Arms – they have been absolutely terrific.”

Both volunteer in the area – Christine, 59, at children’s mentoring charity PROMISE and Doug, 66, for Bowmen of Danesfield – but are now out of action as their computers were water-damaged.

As well as damage to other household goods, furniture and carpets, they have been left without electricity and heating.

Firefighters pumped most of the water out on Sunday. After a brief spell at the Mason’s Arms in the village, the couple are hoping to move to a holiday home in Watchet and be reunited with their dog.

Christine added: “In terms of the house, we are facing a massive task now – we don’t know where to start. We are just at an absolute loss. We are talking weeks for the clean-up operation.”