FOUR key buildings in Stogursey have been nominated as assets to the community in a bid to protect them.

Stogursey Parish Council nominated five buildings in the village to be listed as Assets of Community Value, as a result of the Localism Act 2011.

Land or buildings on the list will have added protection as they are considered to further the social well-being or social interest of the community.

Four buildings nominated by parish councillors have been recommended by the Corporate Management Team (CMT) to be accepted as Assets at a West Somerset Council cabinet meeting next week.

They are The Corner Shop at 9 High Street (as the only general store); The Post Office at 16 High Street (which protects the building, not the service); The Greyhound Inn in Lime Street (as the only pub) and Stogursey Motors at 7 High Street (for its services to the community).

Stogursey Parish Council chairman Allan Searle said businesses should view the title as a bonus which will help protect their shops.

He added: “There’s been a bit of confusion as to what this all means, so we’ve put a letter out to all the businesses nominated explaining it more.

“Basically, if a building is named an Asset of Community Value it means the community regard that building or business as really important to them.

“It will help to protect businesses, such as the Greyhound Inn, our only pub. The landlord is pleased the community want to protect their pub, at a time when many are closing.”

Parish councillors suggested No. 1 the High Street be listed as an asset so it could later be used as a shop or Village Enterprise Centre, such as an information hub or museum.

But the nomination was recommended for rejection as the currently vacant building, which used to be a workshop, did not/does not further the social wellbeing or interests of the community.

Business owners will be invited to a meeting, the date of which is yet to be decided, to discuss the scheme with councillors. They can also appeal if they do not want their building as an asset.