VOTERS in the town’s central ward have chosen the latest person to represent them at town council level.

Independent Gary Miele will fill the vacant seat after gaining 175 votes in last Thursday’s by-election.

The other candidates, Conservative Pamela Joan Hawkins and independent Lee Baker, gained 107 and 82 votes respectively.

After the election Cllr Miele, right, said: “I was hoping to win with all the work I put into my campaign. I want to bring Minehead back to how it used to be – the town needs to be revitalised, and hopefully we can work with the new vision manager and get him involved with the council.

“One of the key aims would be to fill the empty shops to try to bring some life back into the high street."

Mr Miele runs a contract cleaning company in Minehead and Taunton, and before that he worked in radio. He moved to the area with his wife, Pamela, 14 years ago. 

He said: “I think my campaign has opened the eyes of some residents and I’ve done something which hasn’t been done in the town for a long time – beat a Conservative candidate.

“I stand for change, and hopefully that’s what I’m going to help make happen, but it won’t happen overnight.”

Mr Miele can be contacted on 01643- 708721 between 8am and 7pm.