This year’s Taunton Flower Show was a terrific success.

Thousands of people attended and thousands of pounds were raised for charitable causes.

It would be easy to take this annual event for granted, but it is actually a huge feather in Taunton’s cap.

Exhibitors and visitors come from miles around, making it a regional attraction.

Beyond the striking floral displays, there is a wide range of other entertainment provided, from marching military bands to motorcycle stunts.

The age range of visitors seems to be widening, maybe as a result of moving the show to include a Saturday, and possibly also because of the popularity of TV gardening programmes.

The show brings money and prestige to Taunton. It is good for our economy and helps to raise the profile of the town.

It is also a great social event. I think of it as being Taunton’s village fete. The show is a great opportunity to find out more about local organisations and meet up with friends.

None of this happens by magic. It is the product of months and months of hard work and great organisational skill by the committee.

In August people often go on holiday and come back with great stories about the cultural events they encountered on their travels. We should remember that we also have some pretty spectacular events back at home.