The Prime Minister has announced that the Budget will take place on 24 March.

Britain is still deep in debt. The Government is borrowing an extra £500 million every day to fund public services.

Our economy is also very weak. It is even possible that Britain will go back into recession later this year.

So we face some tough years ahead, whichever political party is in Government.

That will mean some difficult choices, because not everything will be affordable.

We will also have to make sure that Taunton Deane gets the best deal possible when resources are being allocated.

Musgrove Park is the jewel in Taunton Deane’s crown. It provides a fantastic service for thousands of patients every year.

The recently completed Beacon Centre has transformed the treatment and care of cancer sufferers.

My next ambition for Musgrove Park is a new surgical centre to replace part of the old building.

That would make a huge difference for both patients and hospital staff. The existing facilities are inadequate and there is an urgent need for a modern building.

So I am determined to do everything in my power to see a new surgical centre completed as the next big project at Musgrove Park.