THE General Election is expected to be announced today.

This is your opportunity to decide who should represent Taunton Deane.

Britain remains a global power. We are leading members of the UN, EU and NATO, with one of the largest economies and militaries in the world.

But Taunton Deane residents only get to pick one person to speak up for them on the national stage.

At the General Election, you must decide who will be our MP. In tough times, that person will defend our corner. We need a true champion for Taunton Deane.

We do not get to elect the head of the armed forces, the governor of the Bank of England, the Prime Minister, or the other important people who shape our lives.

So picking our local MP is a serious decision because it is the one opportunity the public get to have a direct input into our democracy.

Over the weeks ahead, the different candidates in Taunton Deane will be pitching for your support.

I hope everyone will engage with this process. There are genuine differences of opinion and real decisions to be made.

So please use your vote to have your say on who will be Taunton Deane’s MP.