Many Gazette readers may be forgiven for wondering what has happened to the plastic and cardboard recycling service we were promised by the Deane council.

We have now been waiting almost two years for the Lib Dem council to deliver on this promised service.

So far, only a few 'trial' collections have been held - despite the fact that before the last elections the Lib Dems promised us doorstep recycling of plastic and recycling, with no strings attached.

Because of their dithering, they are now faced with a financial catastrophe which is going to cost council taxpayers hundreds of thousands of pounds.

The bottom has fallen out of the market during the time the Lib Dems have been delaying on their promise, with falling demand leading to falling prices for recycled materials.

We are therefore very disappointed to see the Deane council missing the economic boat in respect of recycling, as plastic prices have dropped by more than 70 per cent and cardboard has fallen from £65 a tonne to below £10.

As a result, the Lib Dems continue to refuse to commit to full implementation of doorstep collections of plastic and cardboard.

Instead, they are now looking at taking up to another two years to introduce it.

The cost to council taxpayers is put at around £300,000 - roughly £7.50 for every council tax bill.

Conservatives support the principle of plastic and cardboard recycling, but not at any cost, regardless of the impact on hard-pressed residents.

We recognise plastic and cardboard recycling has its part to play, but Conservatives believe we need to replace the present demand-led service with a supply-led service to avoid suffering financially during the economic downturn.

I have been campaigning hard on the subject of the environment throughout my time in Taunton Deane, and I am pleased to welcome Krystal Painter on board as part of our team.

Krystal is standing for Taunton South in the County Council elections which are coming up in June and is very committed to initiatives which will help to protect our environment.

If you would like to know more about Conservative thinking on recycling, just email Krystal or myself at or visit: