MARK Rattenberry and Gary Ell of Tiverton Weightlifting Club enjoyed a very successful day’s lifting in Preston when retaining their IAWA (UK) British Grip titles with fine performances.

A total of 19 lifters entered from across the British Isles, including several new competitors, who kept the audience entertained with a high standard of grip testing lifting.

Rattenberry took to the platform first in the 50-plus class at 65kg and immediately set new a world record for the Dumbbell Walk.

The event involves carrying a weighted dumbbell with a 3½ inch diameter bar over a ten-foot course.

Rattenberry used his right hand with 27.5kgs.

The Ciavattone Deadlift – both knuckles face forward – quickly followed and Rattenberry posted a solid 135kgs with his third and final lift.

The last discipline was the Middle Finger Lift and he finished with 40kgs on his fourth attempt to set a new Masters world record and complete his day’s efforts.

Ell took part in the 40-plus class and 90kg bodyweight section and set a new Masters world best of 42.5kgs for the Dumbbell Walk with his fourth attempt, using his left hand.

He followed this up with a very respectable Ciavattone Deadlift of 172.5kgs.

And he ended his day’s lifting with a world record for the Middle Finger Lift, managing 70kgs with his left hand at the fourth attempt.