TIVERTON Rifle Club’s six sport rifle teams have taken a dip in form, with five wins and seven defeats in the latest rounds of the Devon Sport Rifle League.

Tiverton A saw history repeated as they beat Paignton B convincingly (572-537) but went down to Yealmpton A (562-578).

Top scorers were Steve Rendall 97, Steve Smith 96 and Kieran Bodkin 98.

Tiverton B also experienced déjà vu when Tavistock A beat them (550-543) but BTSC A’s score of 370 was no match for the Tivvy team’s winning 545. Top scorers were Bernard Schwarz 93, Jeremy Grant 91 and Russell Toy 97.

Tiverton C’s consistent shooting secured their second win over BTSC B (540-350) and also overcame rivals Paignton C (539 to 358). Top scorers were Simon Radford 92, Dave Waller 93 and Gerald Ratcliff 92.

Tiverton D matched Paignton G’s improved form from Round 2 resulting in a second win (536 -524) but Fonthill A scored 564 to Tivvy’s 517.

Top scorers were Chris Burton 93, Tony Sprague 88 and Jeff Poole 92.

Tiverton E lost by two points to Okehampton D (506-508) and to a strong Fonthill C (494-547). Top scorers were Nick Conabeare 87, Stuart Silvester 92 and Ben Blewett 82. Tiverton F narrowly lost to Paignton I and Tavistock F who they had beaten in earlier rounds.

Top scorers were Phil Cartwright 88, Dennis Smith 77 and Mark Jones 90.