CALLAN Bryant helped Tiverton ABC complete their season on a winning note when he earned a unanimous decision at Barnstaple’s Pannier Market on Sunday.

On an 18-bout card Bryant boxed the home club’s Nick Forrest over three two-minute rounds.

Bryant got off to a slow start in the first, letting Forrest dictate the pace and spending too much time on the back foot.

But he picked up the pace and probably just about stole the round. Bryant started to find a bit more rhythm in the second and began to catch his game opponent.

The third round was a big one for Bryant as he totally dominated from start to finish.

Coach Paul Harvey said: “Callan made hard work of that. If he had boxed the first two rounds like he did the third he would have been looking to stop Forrest.

“But all in all that’s Callan’s fifth win in eight contests this season so he’s not doing too much wrong.”

Tiverton’s Harry Davey was also in action against Tim Olla from Romford.

Olla jumped right on Davey from the start and had a big first round, totally unsettling Davey with his crude, lunging style.

Davey found it very hard to get any rhythm in his boxing in a really scrappy affair, leaving Olla to win a unanimous verdict.

Harvey said: “Harry’s going to have to start more dominantly because once you give the other boxer the ascendancy it’s hard to regain control. But like Callan it’s his first full season and he’s not done too bad winning a Western Counties title.”