TAUNTON BC Ladies made a good start in the South and West league when they played Somerton ladies.

Playing one game at home and one away they won easily at home and drew away to pick up five points.

Scores: J Deeks, J Hoare, P Warburton and J Young won 26-13; V Bishop, D Buck, J Barlow and F Hunt drew 16-16.

A four-rink mixed triples travelled to Exonia BC. The visitors found the green very heavy going and came home with a 17 shot defeat.

Scores: J Harris, N Scribbens, and V Jarman lost 6-29; A Wheeler, J Barlow and L Bass lost 14-15; D Ware, M Bowden and G Harris lost 15-21; L Smart, S Smart and N Maggs won 23-10.

Owing to torrential rain the six rink mixed match against Wellington was cancelled.