Regional League 3 South
Vivary 46, Plymstock 39

VIVARY began their season as part of the newly-created Regional League 3 South by beating Plymstock. 

Vivary started well, converting turnovers and opening up an early 15-10 lead which was extended to 28-18 at half time. 

Plymstock bounced back and fought hard in the final quarter but Vivary’s early lead and dedication secured the win and a fantastic start to their season. 

POM was Isla May. 
The squad: Fee Grammer, Emily Tong, Amy Lewis, Faye Symons, Lauren Knight, Hannah Robins, Isla May, Gracie Stevens, D’Arcy Rowlands and Freya Bryant. Vivary are sponsored by Shine Hair Management.

Somerset League Premier Division
Ton 56, Claremont 27

TONE started on the front foot against Galmington’s Claremont and gained a 14-9 lead at the end of the first quarter. 

More accurate shooting resulted in a 28-14 half time lead, and a confident Tone increased their advantage to 46-17 after a dominant third quarter. 

The final quarter saw both teams fighting  hard as Tone finished with a convincing win. 

POM was Ashlee Dale. The squad: Helen Lucas, Leila Aladin, Freya Bryant, D’Arcy Rowlands, Kim Tong, Lucy Monk, Ashlee Dale, Hannah Robins, Siobhan Cleverly and Becky Lucas. Tone are sponsored by The Black Horse Inn.

Somerset League Division 1
Monmouth 39, Parkfield 46

MONMOUTH’s clash with Galmington’s Parkfield started fast and set the tone for the rest of the match, but Parkfield demonstrated sound movement down the court to open up an early 12-6 lead.

The second quarter saw Monmouth get into the game but Parkfield maintained their lead with precision shooting (14-25). 

The match remained fast and furious until the end, but Parkfield kept control to secure their win. 

POM was Ria Binding. The squad: GS Helen Lucas, GA Charlotte Denman, WA Becca Willy, C Clara Higginson, WD Siobhan Cleverly, GD Ria Binding, GK Sharlie White, reserve Becky Lucas. Monmouth are sponsored by Granite Transformations.

Somerset League Division 1
Quantock 39, Robins 24

BOTH teams started well, with Quantock edging in front and then extending their lead to 17-10 at half-time. 

Quantock had to make some changes for the third quarter, but they continued to fight and ended the third quarter 27-19 up. 

With great teamwork throughout the court, Quantock continued to push on and won by 15 goals. 

POM was Kim Radford. The squad: GS Lauren Wilkinson, GA Lucy Cox, WA Rachel Morgan, C Kim Radford, WD Andrea Dobson, GD Amy Toole, GK Linda Holder/Sharlie White/Kate Durbin. Quantock are sponsored by Mecca Bingo.

Somerset League Division 2
Priory 42, Queensway 37

TAUNTON Priory had to make a number of changes but the players brought in had a great game. 

The defence was solid, with Verity Stone throwing herself around the court as usual and Tina Follett impressive.

Sarah Hughes was effective in supporting the defence and helping around the attacking goal third, while Kate Durbin held it all together at Centre.

The shooters, Maisie Reynolds and Jade Barnett, were on form again and helped Priory close out the victory.

POMs were Jade Barnett and Maisie Reynolds. The squad: GS Jade Barnett, GA Maisie Reynolds, WA Mel Reynolds, C Kate Durbin, WD Sarah Hughes, GD Tina Follett, GK Verity Stone. Priory are sponsored by Matt Durbin Associates.

Somerset League Division 3
Tudor 49, Newbarn 32

TUDOR took an early lead against Galmington’s Newbarn and extended their advantage to 27-11 at half time. 

In the third quarter, fresh legs helped to maintain Tudor’s winning position. 

POM was Abbey Teape.  The squad: GS Tanya Binding, GA Sophie Bond, WA Holly Barr, C Louise Frost, WD Abbey Teape/Sarah Hughes, GD Verity Stone/Becky Lucas, GK Rhonda Robins. 

Somerset League Division 3
Brendon 9, Wells Canons 44

THIS was Brendon’s toughest game yet against an accurate and experienced Wells side. 

Brendon played hard throughout, and some effective passing down the court had Canons constantly on their toes despite the defeat.

POM was Trish Hutchinson. The squad: Beth Lacy-Rigby, Lynne Stafford, Emma Burns, Anna Brown, Vicky Woods, Charlotte O-Leary, Ally Gabell, Trish Hutchinson, Libby Binding.

Trident 47, Raychem 50 

GALMINGTON Trident travelled to Swindon for their first game of the Regional League season. 

Despite coming out on the wrong side of the result, Trident were able to win the final quarter 15-9. 

Player of the match: Jess Jeffery
Sponsored by Joseph Woods Builders. 

Hovelands v Swans

HOVELANDS had a strong start and took a 10-goal lead in the first quarter. 

Thereafter, it was goal for goal in what was a very tough and physical match. 

The final quarter saw Hovelands pull away, winning overall by 13. 

Players of the match: Hannah Symes (GK) and Lucy Low (GA).
Sponsored by PW Pepperall & Son.

Parkfield 46, Monmouth 35

PARKFIELD won 46-35 against the Taunton club netball team. 
Keeping a steady lead throughout the game, they were 12-6 up after the first quarter and 25-14 ahead after the second.

Beatrice Renyard (GD) was strong in defence combined with fellow player of the match Michelle Ley (WA) whose pinpoint feeding into the shooters enabled a good win.

A great, flowing clean and friendly game from both sides.

Sponsored by eat the bird. 

Queensway 37, Priory 42

DESPITE the best efforts and superb defence from player of the match Hannah Squire, Queensway lost this close encounter.

The game saw Queensway win the final two quarters, similar to their previous game, however, this wasn’t enough to beat a well disciplined and steady Priory team.

Sponsored by One Day Like This.  

Newbarn 32, Tudor 46

NEWBARN finished second best to Taunton club’s Tudor. 

Player of the match went to new club member Veronica Hogben.

Sponsored by Being Your Best.

Claremont 27, Tone 56

CLAREMONT played Tone at home and the visitors took an early lead as Claremont received two injuries to players. 

Sponsored by Somerset County Sports.