Premier side Vivary took on league leaders Trident and after a shaky start fought hard and produced good netball.

Vivary started slowly and Trident took advantage of this and went 19-9 ahead the first quarter.

Vivary won the second period and then matched Trident for the rest of the match.

Unfortunately the opening deficit was too much to close against a very good team and Trident won the game 58-43.

Outstanding for Vivary was Player of the match GA Emily Tong, her shooting was consistent and she achieved many rebounds.

Centre Faye Symons worked tirelessly and put accurate passes into the shooting circle, while GK Hannah Robins defended well against Trident's very accurate shooter Polly Land.

First Division Tone had a close game against Parkfield to win 39-31, while Quantock lost 57-29 to Dolphins. A delighted Third Division Priory won against Walton in a very close contested match.

Priory led 13-10 at half time with Player of the match Centre Ruth White working well.

Good defending by Sarah Hughes kept Priory ahead and they went on to win 24-23.