WATCHET'S run in the Denny Cup came to an end last week when they were knocked-out by a very good Donyatt side.

With a much-changed side from the first round, Watchet lost 97-74 although they shared the rinks.

Scores: L Townsend, S Slade, I Trunks, S Hooper lost 14-27; J Groves, D Lynam, J Trunks, P Tregidigo lost 13-35; G Vaulter, N Chidgey, R Rendell, A Rendell, won 22-12; L Allen, A Knight, M Arnold, N Savage won 25-23.

Watchet took three rinks to North Petherton for one of their rare indoor friendlies and lost 60-57.

Scores: C Simcock, John Hooper, R Somerfield, Josie Hooper lost 16-22; P Christopher, P Edwards, P Perkins, N Savage, won 24-14; J Groves, G Perkins, D Lynam, C Bruford lost 17-24.

On Sunday Watchet faced Bristol in Division 1 of the County Indoor League.

In their first game since returning to the divsion Watchet suprised everyone – even themselves – by winning on three rinks and drawing the fourth.

Their final winning margin was 90-60.

Scores: away: S Steel, A Knight, I Trunks, A Sully, drew 16-16; L Townsend, R Somerfield, J Trunks, N Savage, won 23-14; home: J Groves, L Allen, C Bruford, P Tregidgo won 21-14; G Vaulter, N Chidgey, R Rendell, A Rendell won 30-16.