JOHN Lowe, who only received his competitive handicap in May, won the Ronnie Mead Trophy by three clear points at Taunton Vale.

His handicap was cut from 21 to 18 as a result.

Second to John was Sean Mason with 42 points and third was Lee Lewis with 40. It was a close game, as the next five placements Tim Salter, Lee Ward, Jeff Land, Josh Hemburrow and Tony Snelling, also had 40 points. Twelve players scored twos on the day.

Much to the delight of everyone at the club, Connie Rendell won the Ronnie Mead Anniversary Shield, which is played throughout the week leading up to the trophy. Connie, who is 12, has been a Vale Junior for around four years and has been an active league player. Connie has also represented Somerset County and played in an inter-county match against Devon. She has played in Generation Cup Games with their former lady captains in the County setup. She won the Ladies’ Supporters Cup in 2013 which saw her get her first handicap cut of 6 shots.

Since then Connie has had further reductions bringing her handicap down to 25. Connie was the only junior to enter the competition, beating the rest of the field, ladies and men, with a score of 41 points. Second, third and fourth, Glyn Pearce (B6), John Paterson (B9) and Andy Turle all scored 40 points.

In fifth and sixth places were Simon Mehrlich (B9) and Dan Keitch with 39 points a piece.

Outside the top six places were best man, Lee Lewis and best lady, Carole Paterson with 39 and 37 points respectively. The best senior went to Terry Hogan with 38 points. There were nine twos, with Mike Bright and Dave Lock having two twos on the 4th and the 8th and Dan Keitch, scoring his eagle two on the 6th hole.

On Sunday Taunton Vale juniors beat Enmore by one point to win the Somerset League Jamboree in Wells and retain the trophy. The team competed against Farrington, Taunton & Pickeridge and Enmore. The same team will be going on to play for the Hawker Perry Shield during the October half-term against the winner of the North division. The match will be held at Burnham & Berrow.

Sarah Rendell, the Juniors’ section organiser and chair, was almost as happy as the juniors, exclaiming that she was ‘so proud of them all’.

Mark Coleman and Will Marchant won the previous week in Division 1 and 2 with 38 and 43 points in the Sunday stableford.

Last week Alan Palmer won with 42 points in Division 1 and Philip Martin won Division 2 with 44 points. The July Division 1 to 3 winners monthly medal were, with Terry Hogan, John Beer and Marc James respectively, scoring nett 67, 64 and 62.

In the ladies section in medal no. 7, Tina Morgan and Eileen Arundell both had nett 70 to win Division 1 and 2. In the ladies’ stableford Lin Brown topped the Division 1 leaderboard with 44pts, which was even more impressive as she had two blobs. Payne secured first place in Division 2 with 37 points.