The global craze for selfies has just got a little otter...

Joining the Pope, US President Barack Obama and assorted Oscars stars is Musa, one of the otters at the WWT Washington Wetland Centre in Tyne and Wear.

Press Association photographer Owen Humphreys was taking shots of the wildlife in the spring sunshine when Musa reached through the bars of his cage and grabbed his GoPro camera.

In the background his mate, Mimi, looks uninterested in his antics.

Humphreys, 41, said: "I had just put the camera down and the otter came up to the bars and snatched it in both paws.

"The female otter was in the background and didn't seem too interested in him showing off.

"I burst out laughing when I saw it and knew it would have taken a funny picture.

"The craze for selfies has gone mad."

Dan Baker, grounds and facilities manager at the centre, said: "They are very playful and inquisitive animals.

"In the wild they tend to live in family units so they are quite happy being in people's company and interact with visitors.

"Musa loves shiny pebbles and his trick is to lie on his back and do a juggling act with them."