RONALD Henry Curry, of Bridgwater, passed away peacefully at St Margaret's Somerset Hospice on December 18, aged 81.

The funeral service at Taunton Deane Crematorium, on January 11, with an overflowing congregation, was conducted by Rev. Philip Draycott.

Family mourners: Brendan and Lynn Curry (son and daughter-in-law); Ian and Donna Curry (son and daughter-in-law); Adele and Pat Baker (daughter and son-in-law); Mr Jim Curry (Cecil) (brother); Mrs Vera and Doug Cooper (sister and brother-in-law); Mrs Daisey Kitts; Miss Lisa Curry (representing Aaron Curry); Miss Rebecca Curry; Patricia Baker; John Baker (grand children); Mr Alec Curry; Patrick Curry; Bradley James.

Other mourners: Mrs S. Carbis; Miss Shelley Marie Herbert; Miss Michaela Baker; Miss Valerie Smart; Mr and Mrs Anne and Maurice Loveridge; Mr and Mrs Hills; Mr and Mrs Phil and Mandy Cheffey; Mrs Jenny Poole, (representing Mr Ray Poole); Mr and Mrs Colin Duddridge; Colin Simons; Dennis Cavill (representing Mrs Cavill); Paul Collord (representing Tom Curtin, Eastover Park Bowling Club); Mr R. Gummer (representing Mary Gummer, Eastover Park Bowling Club); Mr Jack Dyment (Eastover Park Bowling Club); Mr D. Patten (Bridgwater Carnival); Mr David Gillett; Dennis Marriott; Susan Merriott (representing Anne Maidment); Ian Jackson (Eastover Park Bowling Club); Bob Hooper (Eastover Park Bowling Club); Nigel Taylor; Mr P. Roberts; Tony Gibson (East Quantock Probus Club); Chris Tickle (representing resident of Anson Way and Drakes Close); Basil Samways (representing Mr and Mrs R. Bird); Mr M. Ingram; Rex and Pennie Hill (cousins); Mrs Elizabeth Shaw (cousins); Mr and Mrs Bill and Irene Upham; Mrs Mollie Kemmish; Mrs Margaret Trunks; Eddie Stone; Brian Gyatt; Mr Ray Britton; Mr Lee Russell; Jean and Frank Klemz; Fred Foster; Ernest Burt (representing Mrs Ann Burt); Graham Marson (Probus); George Brewer; Alan Jones; Carol Hubberfield (representing John and Boys and Jeff Duddridge and Olive); Anita Coles; Sam Coles; Barbara and Ted Burt; Vera and Harold Palmer; Ben Blackmore; Rosemary Rich; Nova Edwards (representing Michael BCL Bowls Club); Rhona Perry (BCL Bowls Club); K. Hooper; Mrs Pat Davey; Joyce Wiliams; Colin Baker (representing Gloria Baker); P. Pear (representing Fred Villis, John Hamblyn, Eastover Park); J. Baker (representing Miss P. Sharland); Peter Fowler; Aubery Jones; Carol and Paul Bovett; Angela and Jonn Tarr; Mr J. Bartlett; Dr John Tottle; Bill Howard (representing Margaret, Bridgwater Bowling Club); V. Lewis; Ray Court (representing Chris); M. Stone; Colin Criddle (East Quantock Probus); Owen and Olive Jones); Mr G. Perry; Mrs C. Siddall; Gwen and Mel Thomas; Alan Norman, (Mrs E Willis); Brian Wills; Derrick Roberts; Dennis Hill (cousin); Colin Wilson; Harry Liddle (representing Mrs Eileen Liddle); Brenda and Tony Page; John Preece; Mr M. Elliott (representing Mrs PA Elliott); Mr L. Browning; Mr P. Court; Mr M. Greedy (Probus); Steve Giles (Probus); David Lawrence and Janet (Probus); Leslie Baskwill; Stan Benny (representing Mrs Margery Coles); Rev. Martin Wratten; Mike Whitney; John Reakes; Mrs Pamela Bovett; Mrs Pam Allcock; Miss Jean Bovett; Ted Bovett.

Family flowers only, donations to St Margaret's Somerset Hospice and MESO Research.

Funeral arrangements were by H. Biffen and Sons Ltd, of 32 Wembdon Road, Bridgwater.

The family would like to thank everyone who attended the funeral with apologies for any missing names, for the donations received and for the messages of condolence received during their sad loss. Special thanks to the doctors at East Quay Medical Centre and Musgrove Park Hospital and everyone at St Margaret's Somerset Hospice at Bishop's Hull. Also many thanks to the Rev. Philip Draycott who conducted the service and to John Biffen and staff for the excellent funeral service.