LET’S talk about education, education that is for the rest of us whose children attend our state schools. 

Every year, thanks to this Tory government, there is a funding deficit of approximately £350m. 

If this continues there will be a shortfall in our children’s education by 2020 of a staggering approximately £1,050,000,000m 

According to the Observer, in some areas, that’s one fifth of per pupil funding. 

Our state schools are being starved of funds and haven’t been in such an abysmal state for at least 40 years.

With this backdrop, it was with increasing incongruity I read the pleading of the headmaster of King’s college - ‘approximately £7,000 per term just for day boarders’ - attempting to ask the rest of us to sympathise with him regarding Jeremy Corbyn’s suggestion that perhaps it would be nice if parents could also pay VAT on top of these fees to contribute to the struggling state schools.

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A valid point was made saying that not all families could afford this additional expenditure whose children attend these “public schools”. 

The point is, they made that choice. 

The vast majority who attend such schools are more than capable of paying the VAT element. Many from overseas could then contribute to all our children’s education for the privilege of sending their children to this country.

The rest of us have no choice as to where our children are educated. It’s state schools for us. 

Effectively, we are all paying for a privileged section of society.

If this sounds logical and right to you, then maybe the earth is flat after all.

In passing, I often see what huge advantages private schools have over state schools. Such highly eminent speakers from the arts, science and sports world, attending regularly. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if the same privileges could be extended to all our children?

Monkton Heathfield