I APPRECIATE the responses in Postbag regarding my letter to the Gazette (Parents who send children to private school should pay their way, Postbag, April 27)

However, to reply to my newly-found corresponding buddies, my main point was the complete and total lack of funding for our state schools while at the same time the wealthier public schools, (a complete misnomer) pay no VAT due to the fact that public schools have questionable charitable status.

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One reply from ‘Anonymous’ stated - using a Trumpism “FACT” that “state school funding received a 4.6 per cent increase over 40 years”. 
Unfortunately, the National audit Office figures will tell you this Government is starving state schools to the tune of three billion per annum. (Using another Trumpism, “BAD”). 

The 4.6 per cent nowhere near covers the increasing running costs of our state schools.

I was so pleased that Anonymous did not turn this into a political football by mentioning, I quote, “A number of people that come into this country who expect free schooling and free healthcare”. 

Where did that come from?

Lastly, I must give D Bradley a mention regarding the comment “nineteenth century class warfare”. 

I could not have put it better myself. 

That’s where our classes in state schools are heading right now, back to the nineteenth century. 

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As for the 7 per cent savings we are apparently all getting due to parents opting for Public schools. Well done. Let’s make it 17.5 per cent. 

In passing, D Bradley’s mentioned ‘comprehensive schools’. 

One important thing; They offered inclusive, not exclusive education. 

Well that’s enough hyperbole and pontification from me, as messes Anonymous and Bradley would say.

Monkton Heathfield