STUDENTS from a secondary school in Taunton are celebrating after completing a year-long project.

The pupils, from year 7, 8 and 9, have spent the year completing the projects, as part of the Extended Study Programme, on a variety of projects throughout the year with minimal help or supervision.

Each students was assigned a mentor that provided them with a little bit of support.

A spokesman for the school said: “The standard of what was produced was extremely high and all students who reached the end of the programme were a credit to the school.

“It was hard to choose winners among the numerous exceptional projects. A massive well done to all involved.”

The projects were judged and gold, silver and bronze prizes were awarded.

The gold prize went to Hannah Price, joint silver went to Isabel Bailey and Esme Knight, and bronze went to Oliver Thomas.

The students that took part in the projects were considered the “more able” pupils within their year groups.

The creative projects could be about anything of their own design. Completed project subjects included war, computer coding, electronics and fashion.