STUDENTS from an independent school in Taunton have been on an adventure in Central America.

Twenty-four pupils and staff from Queen’s College embarked on an 11-day adventure to Costa Rica to kick off the summer.

Students from Years 11 to 13 experienced grade four rapids while white-water rafting down the Pacuare River.

They were lucky enough to see Leatherback turtle hatchlings making their way out to the sea and there were many opportunities to see Capuchin, Spider and Howler monkeys along with the elusive Sloth.

Energy levels were tested with four-hour beach patrols and sea kayaking along with some early morning starts.

But the hardest test the students faced was having no electricity, phone signal or Wi-Fi for four days.

They also had to share the shower and living space with toads, palm-sized spiders and a number of other creepy crawlies.

Dr Lorraine Earps, Headteacher of the school, said: “The trip provided our students with many wonderful experiences which they will remember for the rest of their lives.

“They were also magnificent ambassadors for Queen’s during their time away.”