TWO students from a school in Taunton have been nominated for a community award.

Ty Chick and Travis Norman, from the Deane Discovery Centre, are celebrating at the end of the school year after being nominated for the TLP award.

The pair attended a special award ceremony at Bishop Fox’s school where they both received awards in recognition of their work.

The boys had delivered surprise sunflower seedlings to neighbours in the Blagdon Hill area as part of a project to develop community links with the Deane Discovery Centre.

The neighbours were delighted to receive the surprise flowers and have been feeding back to the boys on the growth of their flowers.

The Deane Discovery Centre has also worked hard to raise funds to support the charity NSPCC as part of their Citizenship and Community project, raising more than £250 in total.

Deputy head Lorna Shephard said:”We are all extremely proud of the hard work our pupils have put into their Community and Citizenship work this year.

They have really engaged with the idea of community and their place in the community and have enjoyed meeting different local people through their work. They worked incredibly hard to fundraising for the valued children’s charity.