THREE brave students from Queen's College have raised money for charity in a hair-raising experience. 

Tim Webb, Fionn Hand and Michael Franks, sixth form students, decided to have their legs waxed in order to raise money for Love Musgrove, the hospital's charity. 

Somerset County Gazette:

The students took part in the challenge in front of fellow students and staff members. 

The charity aims to raise £1million for a new MRI scanner at Musgrove Park Hospital.

Tim, deputy head boy, said: “The reason I chose Love Musgrove was because a teacher at school was diagnosed with cancer and used an MRI scanner during her treatment.

“Alongside this, a few of my close friends have had to go through the same ordeal so the importance of these machines is very close to me especially as I have used them during the diagnosis of my own shoulder injury.

“I chose leg waxing because my brother Oscar had done the same thing when he was Head Boy at Queen’s.

“It was hugely successful so I thought, if we did it again but in front of the whole school, it would be even better.

"It was a very painful experience but a great laugh and it was good to see so many people come along and support us."