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Name: Robert Michael Bryant

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Party: Somerset County Gazette: ElectionsModule Party Logo UK Independence Party


I am a retired chartered accountant, spending my career helping small businessmen through the tax  minefields laid by politicians to stop them progressing while feathering their own nests. I voted to leave the EEC in 1975 and have watched with horror and disgust as all the main parties have combined in their efforts to shackle my country to the EU corpse, at local as well as national level. They all want to bring more migrants into Taunton, providing them with housing and benefits, thus making finding a school place, hospital appointment, council house placement impossible for local people, while anyone who protests is immediately accused of a race- or hate-crime. But local people come last with the main parties. The Taunton Tory MP voted to close, along with many other military bases, the Royal Marine base which supports Norton Fitzwarren. Need I say more?

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