Go Vegan World (GVW), the worlds largest vegan campaign, has hit back at the National Farmers Union (NFU) for 'entirely missing the point' about a recent run of posters.

The posters feature emotive messages designed to point out flaws in the dairy industry, and had been plastered around the UK on billboards, taxis, motorways and at underground stations.

But the argument began when the NFU responded to the campaign through an open letter, calling it misleading and claiming that standards of animal welfare in dairy production were high.

But GVW have now hit back, saying that the adverts portray an accurate picture of the dairy industry, which can be researched on their website, and that the NFU had missed the point.

Slogans in the campaign include 'dairy takes babies from their mothers', 'humane milk is a myth: don't buy it' and 'vegetarianism is not enough for male chicks who are killed at birth by the egg industry'.

Sandra Higgins, GVW campaign director, said: "For the NFU to defend the dairy industry by referring to animal welfare and benign treatment entirely misses the point of the campaign.

“Farmers can rest assured that there will be no more vocal and effective a voice in ensuring that they receive all necessary support to transition to alternative, more ethical and sustainable ways of making a living, than that of the vegan community".