A guidance document on how farmers should go about obtaining the signed veterinary declaration from BCVA trained vets is now available from the Action Johne’s website.

Speaking about the launch of the document, chair of the Action Johne’s Group, Lyndon Edwards said: “The document sets out the steps farmers and vets need to take to secure the signed declaration required by phase II of the scheme. The process is not difficult; it draws on established veterinary practices and test procedures. It just takes the necessary investment in time by both the farmer and vet.

“The October 31, 2018 deadline for securing the declaration is fast approaching. We recommend farmers initiate action before turnout when they have more time. As the countdown clock on the Action Johne’s website clearly indicates the industry has just over seven months to deliver on the commitments it entered into when it embarked on the National Johne’s Management Plan.

“Success in tackling Johne’s requires perseverance and by both farmers and vets. But the prize is still very much worth it. I urge farmers to move action on Johne’s up their priority list if they haven’t done so already.”