The market report from Sedgemoor Auction Centre for Saturday, December 7, is as follows. The total stock was 5065 head.

An electric Store Cattle trade with a massive ring of buyers which drove prices to £1,265. Store Lambs stronger again to £101.

61 Dairy cattle. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report another relatively small entry for the first December sale lacked any real top quality types, when a lot of smaller younger heifers were forward and purchasers were looking for power and milk. Overall the trade took a dip as a result. Even the few top end types were less money than the previous week.

Best heifers sold to £1840 and £1830 from Edwards & Son, Newport, when others sold to £1800 from Arrijan Farming, Gloucester and £1780 and £1720 from HR Lewis, Carmarthen. Also £1780 from FG Summerhayes & Son and £1770 from M & K Churchill & Son who had crossbred heifers to £1580.

Best cows to £1700, £1600 and £1580 from Depford Farms.

A better incalf heifer trade to £1360 and £1200 from PD & SA Godfrey.

Calves to £150 from Deptford Farms.

759 Store cattle and grazing cows. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a massive December entry of 759 store cattle, 21 per cent up on the year and part of a huge 1169 with the stirks and sucklers. Trade electric for the best feeding stores, some £50 per head up on the week and the average was £85 up on the year!

Top was £1265 for a killable Blue steer from AW Selley & Son, South Molton, who sold another at £1165. Further forward Blues at £1150 (19/24m & FA) from C Congdon, Saltash, who sold Blue feeders at £1060 (5x 22/27m & FA) and £1045 (7x 22/27m & FA) feeders; £1115 (3x 26m & FA) SJ Reed, Uplowman; £1095 (19m & FA) NL Reeves & Son, Backwell; £1090 (22/23m & FA) KF Board & Son, Weston Super Mare; £1090 again (26/28m & FA) ME Sampson & Son, Upottery; £1075 (25m & FA) B Moody, Chipstable; £1070 (10 x 17/20m & FA) AG Ludwell & Son, Bradworthy; £1065 (20m) N Painter, Lympsham and £1020 (20/23m & FA) RF Tucker & Son, Butleigh. Charolais steers topped at £1230 for a best type feeder (18m & FA) from SJ Williams, North Newton, who sold others at £1130 (2x 20m & FA). Further Charolais £1100 (3x 20/26m & FA) RF Tucker & Son, again; £1070 (19m & FA) and £1005 (21/23m & FA) BA Sweet, Congresbury; £1050 (3x only 14/18m & FA) and £965 (4x only 11m & FA) J Phillips, Longbridge Deverell and £1015 (28m & FA) M Naish, Kenn. Limousin steers peaked at £1150 for a best feeder (27m & FA) from SJ & EH Coles, Lympsham. Further smart Limousin £1140 (30m & FA) M Naish again and £1075 (10x 18/27m & FA) RF Tucker & Son again. Saler at £1090 (19m & FA) M Naish again. Simmental steers £1090 (4x 17/20m) J Cockburn & Partners, Wadeford. Blonde £1040 (21m & FA) DA, CM J & LA Tottle Ltd, Marston Magna.

Native steers rose to £1155 for a grand Hereford (31m, FA & sire) from CG & C Vigar, Curry Rivel, who sold others at £1095 (2x 31m, FA & sire). Fleshed Herefords (3x 29/30m, FA & sire) at £1125 from RH Webb, Henley. Further fleshed Hereford £1045 (28m, FA & sire) SJ & EH Coles again. Further Herefords to £1015 (23/24m & FA) from C Congdon again. Angus peaked at £1095 (6x 23/25m, FA & sire) from F & S Aplin, Buckland St Mary and for a single (26m, FA & sire) from CL, AE & RC Sweet, Burtle. Further Angus £1080 (18m & FA) C Wall; £1070 (23m & FA) C Congdon again; £1060 (8x 20/24m & sires) MT & K Jackson, Axbridge; £1050 (21/22m & FA) KF Board & Son again and £1010 (31m, FA & sire) CG & C Vigar again. South Devon £1020 (22m & FA) C Congdon again.

Dairy bred steers topped at £960 for a Friesian (26m & FA) from MJ Frampton & Son, Broadwindsor. Holstein Friesians at £950 (3x 31m) GA & HA Venn, Stoke St Gregory; £875 (2x 23/24m & FA) M Naish again and £870 (28m & FA) JA Naish, Nailsea; £785 (3x 20/25m & FA) P Week; £765 (22m & FA) B Moody again; £725 Friesians (18/22m) P Coombes and £715 (22m) A Wall, Banwell.

Heifers tremendous to £1180 for a shapely Blue (20m & FA) from NL Reeves & Son, Backwell. Killable Blue at £1140 (25m & FA) from AW Selley & Son again, who sold a forward Limousin at £1100 (26m & FA). Further best Blues £1105 (only 14m) F Harding, Sutton Mallet; £990 (5x 19m/25m & FA) AG Ludwell & Son again; £955 (8x 23/26m & FA) C Congdon again; £940 (25/28m & FA) ME Sampson & Son again; £915 (45m) GA & HA Venn again and £910 (7x 15/21m & FA) Quick & Sons, West Monkton. Charolais to £1110 for a well grown type (only 14m & FA) from J Phillips again, who sold others at £1070 (21m & FA) £900 (9x 11/21m & FA) £890 (3x 11/18m & FA) and £880 (9x 11/21m & FA). Further Charolais £995 (3x 23/24m & FA) C Congdon again and £955 (5x 19/22m & FA) THJ Denbee, Wedmore. Simmentals at £1060 (19m) J Phillips again. Others £900 24m & FA) C Congdon again. Blondes to £965 (22m & FA) EM Alford & Son, Tavistock, who sold others at £900 (20m & FA) and £875 (6x 17/22m & FA). Further Limousin heifers at £940 (26m) S Edgecombe, Kingston. Saler at £895 (20m) N Painter again.

Native heifers topped at £925 for a Hereford (27m & FA) from B Moody again. Further Herefords at £895 (20/22m & FA) from C Congdon again and £880 (23/24m, FA & sires) RH & AM Turner, Stockland. Angus at £860 twice (24m, FA & sire) from F & S Aplin again and (22m, FA & sire) from RN & LA Bell, Durleigh. Further Angus £850 (7x 20/22m & sire) MT & K Jackson again and £840 (7x 19/20m & sire) THJ Denbee again.

118 Suckler cows, calves and stock bulls. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a good December entry of over 100 stock bulls, suckler cows and calves saw a much improved trade for any animals well bred with power. Poorer quality types continue to be hard to sell.

A record entry of bulls for a December sale saw best Limousins to £2650 (19m) and £1900 (25m) from EA Cox & Son, Minehead. 2 Herefords being part of a dispersal sale for LJ, CA & RDJ Soloman of Truro sold for £1750 and £1550. A young Charolais bull sold for £1500 from CB Bagg. Top Simmental bulls at £1200 from PT Bale & Sons.

The pedigree Hereford dispersal of the ‘Laniley’ herd topped at £1200, £1150 and £1100 for cows with 7 to 9m old at foot, with incalf heifers to over £1000.

In the commercial section a 60m Limousin cross cow with heifer calf at foot sold to £1500 for Ben Roberts. British Blue cross cow and heifer calf £1240 RW & JE Tucker. Simmental cross cow and heifer calf £1140 K Hickery and Angus cow and heifer calf £1080 from CL Hewitt.

Hereford cross incalf heifers £960 x2 from KH & PA Govier and Angus incalf heifers at £840 from RW Jenkins.

4 Grazing cows (pre-movement tested)

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report small entry which topped at £700 for a 2014 born Blue cow from B Williams.

292 Busk calves and stirks. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a good entry saw a continuation of the fast trade especially for the top end stirks. Top price of £910 (9m) for an outstanding Limousin heifer from J & S Creed & Doyle, who sold other good heifers to £795 (15m) £725 (15m) £715 (15m) and £620 (2x 10m). Further Limousin heifers to £785 (11m) £660 (9m) £570 (2x 9m) SJ Williams; £740 (2x 9m) £640 (8m) £535 (7m) PF Popham; £735 (9m) CL Hewitt; £700 (2x 10m) £690 (10m) LC & AD Hoare; £690 (9m) £650 (9m) A Petheram and £650 (9m) CN Williams and £540 (7m) GJ Cotterell. British Blues to £660 (9m) £630 (9m) £600 (8m) and £532 (3x 9m) EW Underhill & Son, when others sold to £600 (14m) F Harding; £572 (12m) BA & G Hill and £500 (6x 12m) GM Veysey. Charolais to £645 (7m) PR & EA Matthews and £500 (7x 8m) JE Blackmore. Angus to £500 J & S Creed & Doyle.

Steers sold to a top price of £895 (11m) for a Limousin from CL Hewitt, who sold others to £760 (8m) and £715 (8m). Further Limousins to £880 (9m) £825 (13m) £805 (9m) £790 (2x 15m) £760 (2x 9m) J & S Creed & Doyle; £810 (8m) £710 (2x 8m) £710 (7m) £705 (3x 7m) PF Popham; £805 (9m) £745 (8m) £735 (8m) A Petheram; £750 (10m) £745 (3x 9m) £722 (2x 10m) C Jones and £750 (3x 9m) CN Williams. British Blues to £805 (9m) EW Underhill & Son, who sold others to £800 (8m) and £630. Further British Blues to £650 MR Cutter. Charolais to £770 (13m) Ham Farm Partners. Further Charolais to £755 (9m) £710 (6m) GR Gould; £742 (7m) PR & EA Matthews; £740 (9m) JE Blackmore; £710 (9m) and £705 (6m) HR Gould. Herefords to £670 (4x 8m) R Hares, when others sold to £665 (11m) JE Blackmore; £645 (7m) ML & D Jenkins; £640 (2x 8m) and £570 (2x 8m) N Taylor. Angus to £620 (4x 12m) J & JE Henson, when younger types sold to £505 (3x 7m) WJ & CJ Mock. Simmentals to £640 (3x 10m) R & J Cook, when others sold to £630 (10m) R Hares.

Beef Breeds (300) – not able to be exported from market. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a slightly smaller entry than last week but of much improved quality saw a lively trade throughout. There were many more buyers and an improved atmosphere around the ring. Top of the day was £392 for a superb Charolais bull from PD & JL Biss. The only other Charolais bull forward sold to £278 from JLG Dorse. Excellent consignment of Simmentals from DA & WG Jones sold to £358. Other Simmentals £270 from CD Griffin & Partners. Blues to £348 and £335 from JWO Marsh & Partners; £345 and £330 from BA & G Hill and £325 from DW Rowe & Son. Limousins to £345 and £325 from M & P Watts & Son and £270 from DA & WG Jones. Best Continental bulls £300 plus, mediums £200-£250 and smaller types still selective.

Heifers to £328 for a reared Blue from RA Plowright. Others £318 and £315 from BA & G Hill. Younger Blues to £245 from JWO Marsh & Partners. Young Charolais to £308 from PD & JL Biss; £290 and £240 from SM & DM Turner. Reared Limousins to £302 and £245 from RA Plowright. Younger Limousins to £200 from M & P Watts and £172 from Colgrove Partnership. Simmentals to £275 and £240 from DA & WG Jones. Best continental heifers £200 plus, mediums £140-£180 and plainer types still selective.

Natives to £365 for a reared Angus from DC & SE Stanbury. Others £275 from BA & G Hill. Younger Angus to £270 from JWO Marsh & Partners. Herefords to £200 from Iresoa Ltd and £180 Higher Farm (Manston) Ltd.

Native heifers to £248 and £202 for a reared Angus from BA & G Hill. Younger to £120 from JMS Angell. Reared Herefords to £240 x2 from RA Plowright. Younger Herefords to £155 from AD Lee.

Friesians (86) – not able to be exported from market. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a good entry of again better quality calves met another decent trade to top at £115 from Ireosa Ltd. Others £105 from RF & BA Larcombe and £102 from AE Allen & Sons. Best rearing types £75 plus, mediums £40-60 and plainer types mostly above £20. Norwegian Red to £102 from JL Bartlett. Guernsey to £80 from J & EM Phillips & Sons. Montbeliarde to £68 from MF & AM Jones.

3242 Sheep. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report the following sheep trades:-

Store Lambs (2138)

A smaller entry of 2138 store lambs saw an even stronger trade for the medium and best lambs, although the very smallest types were perhaps a shade easier. Top price of £101 went to S Pierce Ltd. Others to £100 from C Peach; £89.50 from Kingswater Livestock; £87.50 from A Webster; £87 from RJ Lee and RJ & SJ Dare; £86 from RAD Legg (2x) and S Lyons; £85.50 from WW Reynolds (2x) and S & J Jenkins; £85 from P Athay (2x) G Faulkner and P & C Osman; £84.50 from RM Sparks & Sons; £83.50 from MF Bathard & Sons and £83 from MJ & RSM Barrow (2x) and DH & KM Edwards & FA Ford. Overall average up to £69.02.

Cull Ewes and Rams (933)

A reduced entry of 933 cull ewes and rams sold to a firmer trade for all forward. The best ewes topped at £106 (3x) R Garfield and S Pierce Ltd. Other ewes to £100 from BR & RM Callow; £97.50 from FH Arscott & Son; £97 from JP Tolley; £96 from Thornhill Farm (Dorset) Ltd (2x); £95 from ER Baker and K & C Robins and £92.50 from JR & RH Williams. Cull rams sold to £96 from R Holland. Others sold to £91 from S Pierce Ltd and £90 from G Michael. Medium ewes £45-£65, plain £20-£45 and boners generally £15 plus. Overall average £61.58.

Breeding Ewes (120)

A similar sized entry of 120 breeding ewes sold to £137 for Suffolk cross Mule shearlings, scanned in lamb and due in January from JC Salmon. The same Vendor also sold scanned in lamb Texel Mules to £130. There was limited interest in ewes that had not been scanned, which sold to £90 from BR & RM Callow. Overall average £102.53.

Goats (50)

A larger entry of 50 goats sold to a very strong trade and topped at £120 for a large billy from DCW & DA Verney & Sons. Nannies to £108 and £93 from the same Vendor. Others to £107.50 from RG, AJ & JA Habberfield; £89 from C Ainge and £85 from BJ Druitt. Overall average £86.86.

207 Pigs. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report another very good entry of pigs. Stronger trade for cull sows and fat pigs similar trade for weaners.

Weaners (56)

Plenty forward again when a good run of 10 from J Love sold to £40 and a run of 21 9 w/o from J Chilcott to £31. Stronger weaners from D Hutchings to £41.

Cull Sows and Boars (12)

Fewer forward, jump in trade, buyers unable to fulfil orders. The best two sows from W McEwen Smith to £215 and £190, when lighter sows sold at £145 from WG Edwards. Just 2 smaller boars forward to £82 from AP & PC Rose.

Breeders (2)

Young gilt to £140 from DA & WG Jones and £126 from D Green.

Forward Stores (117)

Another very good entry, strong trade when all buyers were keen to fill their Christmas orders. A good run of 15 from T Stone to £142. Others to £129 from RJ Phelps. Heavies from R Hagar to £120 and lights from TWT Palmer to £120.

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