THE MARKET report from Sedgemoor Auction Centre for Monday, March 16, is as follows. The total stock was 1593 head.

A flying prime lamb trade to £132.50 & 312ppk.  Hoggs also very firm.

(106) UTM & (12) OTM Prime Cattle. Auctioneer’s Comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a slightly increased entry of prime cattle met an easier trade.

Top was 189.5ppk for a very shapely, black Limousin steer (669kg & FA) from J & S Vinnicombe & Son, Ottery St Mary, who also sold a gold Limousin steer at 181.5ppk (625kg & FA).  Another good run of continental steers from CA Retallack, Dulverton, met calls of 186.5ppk (Blue & 562kg) 186.5ppk (Lim & 531kg) and 183.5ppk (Lim & 582kg).  Quality red Limousin steer at 186ppk (592kg & FA) from J & J Meaker & Son, Langport, who sold another similar at 179ppk (634kg & FA).  Very clean (tucked up) red Limousin steer from RW Darby rose to 185ppk (675kg & FA).  Gold Charolais steers at 180ppk (650kg & FA) and 179.5ppk (590kg & FA) from TE Pocock & Co, Stringston.  Smart Blue steer at 179.5ppk (590kg & FA) from                            JF Walker & Partners, North Petherton.

Steers sold to £1,323.98 for a 772kg Limousin steer (FA) from                RW Darby, who sold further Limousins at £1,302.38 (755kg & FA) and £1,248.75 (675kg & FA) and grand Herefords at £1,243.20 (740kg & FA) and £1,205.79 (733kg & FA).  £1,299.55 was achieved by RE Webber, Stringston, with a Charolais steer (790kg & FA).  J & S Vinnicombe’s best Limousin sold at £1,267.76 (669kg & FA).  RC Rowe & Son, Upottery sold heavyweight Limousin steers at £1,240.85 (830kg & FA) and £1,215.45 (730kg & FA).  Black Limousin steer at £1,235.43 (742kg & FA) from J & J Meaker & Son.

Heifers topped at 189ppk for a shapely Limousin cross Blue               (604kg & FA) from CJM Shackleton, Wiveliscombe, who sold a very shapely, clean type black Limousin at 187ppk (587kg & FA).  Shapely leaner black Limousin at 187.5ppk (556kg & FA) from JF Walker & Partners, who also sold a handyweight Blue at 175ppk (573kg & FA).  

Suckler bred heifers from CA Retallack met calls of 185 (Lim & 547kg) 185 again (Blue & 540kg) 180.5 (Lim & 502kg) and 178.5ppk (Blue & 5258kg). Very smart Limousin heifers at 184.5 (628kg & FA) and 179.5ppk (580kg & FA) from J & S Vinnicombe & Son. Shapely and smart gold Charolais heifers at 176.5 and 176kg (both 600kg & FA) from BA Richards, Williton. Smart Blue also at 176ppk (633kg & FA) from TE Pocock & Co again. 

Heifers sold to £1,158.66 for a 628kg Limousin (FA) from J & S Vinnicombe & Son. £1,141.56 was realised by CJM Shackleton for a 604kg Limousin (FA) who also sold a 587kg Limousin (FA) at £1,097.69. Blues at £1,114.08 (633kg & FA) £1,078.41 (618kg & FA) and £1,071.43 (614kg & FA) from TE Pocock & Co. 697kg Limousin at £1,111.72 from CA Retallack. Blonde heifer (668kg & FA) at £1,098.86 from J & J Meaker & Son. 640kg (FA) Limousin at £1,084.80 from JR & EA Roberts, Westonzoyland. Native heifers rose to £1,095.57 for an Angus (666kg & FA) from Vale Farm Partnership, Taunton.

62 Barren Cows and Cull Stock Bulls. Auctioneer’s Comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report an increased entry of 62 cull cows and a bull, for which we thank all Vendors, met an easier trade. A shortage of best and good meat cows to set the trade alight. Mostly leaner steakers on offer, yet the very bottom end looked very dear. 

Top was 137.5ppk for a grade 1 Limousin cow from R Chaddock, Glastonbury, who also sold another best Limousin at 129.5ppk and grade 1, well fleshed Angus cows at 135.5 and 129.5ppk. Good, young Blue cow at 121.5ppk from B Jeffery, Oakford, who also sold a grade 2 Limousin at 116.5ppk. Best type Hereford cow at 120ppk from PH & ME Buckingham, Brompton Regis. 

Sucklers sold to £1,090.78 for an Angus from R Chaddock, who sold another at £1,076.15 and Limousin at £988.63. Blue cow at £1,021.82 and a Limousin cow at £990.25 from B Jeffery. 

Dairy breeds rose to 116.5ppk for a young (53m) good meat Holstein from RJ Stitch, Axbridge, who sold an empty steaking Holstein at 111.5ppk. Good meat Friesian cows at 116.5, 115.5 and 114.5 and empty steaking Friesians at 115.5 and 112.5ppk from AJ Scott & Son, Hurst Batch, Wells. Good meat Holstein at 114.5ppk from JF Legg & Son, Middlezoy. Further heavy meat Holsteins at 113.5 and 111.5ppk from DC Dennis & Son Ltd, Ivybridge. 

Black and whites sold to £900.90 for a Friesian (780kg) from AJ Scott & Son. Holsteins at £893.56 and £886.16 from RJ Stitch and £887.54 from DC Dennis & son Ltd. 

Fleckvieh bull at 98.5ppk from AJ & ES Maltby, Aller.

1403 Finished Lambs and Hoggs. Auctioneer’s Comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a larger entry of 1287 hoggs sold to another very strong trade for all presented. The best sold to 262, 258, 254 and 249 from AJ Crabb. Others 257ppk from Lilylane Farms Ltd; 251ppk from Lane Bros, RB Cox and Bushby & Weir; 250 and 249ppk from NJ Tucker & Son; 249ppk from MR Adams; 248ppk from Rushmore Estate (2x) and RJ, HA & MR Popham and 247ppk from A Dagger. 

Heavier hoggs sold to £149 from Lilylane Farms Ltd. Others £144, £142 (2x) and £134.50 from AJ Crabb; £143 and £133 from Bushby & Weir; £141 and £130 from JG & WE Down & Son; £138 and £136 from RB Cox; £135 from D & A Mead & Co; £130.50 and £130 from AE Vile & Son and £130 from MB & KN Crabb. Overall average £114.02. 

An entry of 116 new season lambs sold to a flying trade. The best sold to 312ppk from TK Farms. Others 310ppk from MM & EH Lucas; 305ppk from R Bowles and 299ppk from Williams PFA. 

Top prices per head were £132.50 and £129.50 from AW Kingston & Son. Others £130 (2x) from MM & EH Lucas and £128 from TK Farms. Overall average £120.97.

10 Cull Ewes and Rams. Auctioneer’s Comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a good quality entry of ewes sold to £136 from IJ Greenfield.

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