A VEG supplier on the Swindon borough’s outskirts stopped new orders after being overwhelmed by demand.

Coleshill Organic told supporters that staff are “stretched to our absolute limit” because of an influx of orders for food boxes.

Sonia Oliver said: “We have tried our hardest to work out how to get fruit and veg to as many people as possible.

"There are five of us working here: Matt, James and Clemency working in the garden; Linda and I in the packing shed and delivery.

"Normally, we’d all muck in when packing but to minimise contact between staff and risks to you, we are now allowing a maximum of two people in the packing shed at any time, which will slow things further. Fortunately, my son, Jack, is also helping out on the delivery rounds, so that will improve things.

"We will need to experiment with the delivery rounds in order to bring in as many new customers as possible. This will result in some disruption and changes for our existing customers, but we know you’ll understand.

“Leave out any old boxes as stocks are running very low. We will wipe down all boxes with disinfectant before re-use.

“You’ll find invoices in the boxes this week. Prompt payment would be hugely appreciated and will really help with cash flow when buying in additional veg at this time.

“Please look after yourselves and one another. We'll get through this together and our communities will be stronger as a result."