Police hunting a suspect with a drone were shocked to capture images of a giant penis ploughed into a field writes Tom Bevan.

Officers stumbled across the rude, phallus-shaped design which they say caught them "completely by surprise".

The Devon and Cornwall Police drone team shared the image on social media which has since gone viral.

A spokesperson for the page said: "It's absolutely amazing what you see from the air and sometimes we're caught a bit off guard.

"Whilst in West Cornwall and searching for an offender who'd recently run off from police, we came across this unusual piece of artwork in a field, taking us completely by surprise."

Some social media users joked that it was "an arrow" to tell the police the offender "went that way".

Kris Guest wrote on Facebook: "The best thing is that someone hasn't just done it randomly they have actively planned this, procured a grass cutting apparatus, then made their way to this field and gave a circumcision if you will."

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Clive Wilkins wrote: "That's just an arrow pointing to where the offender is hiding."

Colin Dorrance added: "Must be a hardened criminal."

It is not the first time pranksters have altered a field in this way.

In 2018, residents in a Devon town had a rude awakening after vandals rearranged a huge Tour of Britain artwork into another rude piece of artwork.

The huge bicycle on Capstone Hill, in Ilfracombe had the handlebars rearranged to create a giant penis.