A calf has survived falling around 80 feet off a cliff after being rescued by firefighters writes Lottie Welch.

Crews from Charmouth Fire Station were called on Saturday (May 30) to the cliff near Golden Cap.

A spokesman for Charmouth Fire Station said: "Crews were alerted to a calf that had fallen approx 80 feet over the cliff near golden cap.

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"Firstly our off road vehicle and supervisory officer were mobilised to asses the incident and shortly after arriving we requested the animal rescue team from Poole Fire Station and our main pumping appliance to rescue the animal.

"The job was a long and methodical rescue made more challenging by the hot weather and location.

"After a number of hours the ‘young lady’ was sedated and hoisted to the top using a very intricate system of rope rescue equipment.

"She was then reunited with her mum and given another injection to counteract the sedation. Apart from a few scratches on her nose from trying to evade capture she is in good shape. A job well done."