A popular ice cream seller beloved by whole generations of families has been given a fitting send-off following his death aged 84.

For 44 years Spencer Ferris could be found at Porthleven's Harbour Head, serving cooling treats to customers.

He retired 19 years ago, when he reached 65, giving him more time to spend on his other interest in life - vintage tractors - and he spent many years with son Chris attending rallies and road runs.

After his death on June 9 the local vintage tractor community pulled out all the stops to do him proud, resulting in four of his friends accompanying Spencer on his final trip, to Treswithian Downs Crematorium on June 19, with two in front of the hearse and two behind.

On the way they passed Spencer's ice cream spot, where between 70 and 80 people stood, spaced apart, clapping and waving as the procession went past.

Chris said: "There was a lovely turnout on the Harbour Head, which brought a real lump in all of our throats.

"We are very grateful to Bobby, Wobbles, Terry and Neil for escorting dad on his final trip.

Somerset County Gazette:

Spencer loved vintage tractors

"All of my family were deeply touched by the friends and locals who had gathered to say goodbye, and we are really grateful to everyone for giving him such an amazing send off.

"We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who sent their kind words and shared fond memories, it has brought us comfort through a very difficult time."

Spencer started his working life on his family farm in Gunwalloe, but after marrying his wife Florence and moving to Porthleven he asked her father, Gordon Uren, if he could try his hand at the ice cream business that Gordon had set up.

Gordon was sceptical at first, but later had to admit that Spencer took to it like 'a duck to water'.

It was a job that he enjoyed greatly and he had the pleasure of serving many local children, then watching them grow and go on to serve their children and grandchildren.

"He always started the babies with just an empty cone and as they grew so did the size of the ice cream - one particular favourite was the 'Spencer Special' which had a small scoop of each ice cream.

"It wasn't just the local children who listened out for dad - he also had one or two dogs who would sit by the van, refusing to move until they'd had their ice cream," added Chris.

Somerset County Gazette:

Vintage tractors accompanied the hearse to the funeral

After being fortunate to have led a healthy life, rarely having to visit a doctor or hospital until his later years, he spent the last eight years receiving dialysis treatment three times a week at the Renal Unit at West Cornwall Hospital Penzance.

Chris said: "We will always be thankful to them, they gave us eight years we probably wouldn't have had with him and they looked after him so well; he never once said that he didn't want to go down there.

"His final weeks were spent at Treliske and we would like to say a big thank you to Wheal Coates/Kynance Ward for their care of him until his passing.

"We would also like to thank everyone for their generosity with funeral donations, which raised over £300 for the Renal Unit."