A cow which became stuck in the mud was carried back to a farm suspended on the front of a JCB digger after being rescued by firefighters, writes Jack Evans.

Comical images show the grumpy-looking bovine being hoisted into the air after it was found trapped in a muddy brook in Uppingham, Rutland, on Monday, August 3.

Somerset County Gazette:

Leicestershire Fire & Rescue Service spent 90 minutes along with a vet recovering the animal from the stream.

They used a JCB telehandler and animal rescue rescue equipment to carry her back down the road to her place on the farm - while still suspended in the air.

Somerset County Gazette:

Firefighters from Uppingham Fire Station said the adventurous cow had ended up in someone's garden after falling in the Eye Brook in Caldecott.

The crew wrote on Facebook: "Today Uppingham crew, technical rescue and Rutland Veterinary Centre rescued a cow who had taken it upon herself to venture in to local brook and got stuck.

"She was lifted out using a telehandler and animals rescues equipment and lifted back to the farm.Well done to all involved."

Somerset County Gazette:

Mike Thorne, from Rutland Veterinary Centre, who sedated the cow before the rescue, said: "It was quite bizarre. It was like seeing a hippo in a mud pool.

"She was a bit drowsy after, but walked off happy and healthy with a feeling of relief towards the rest of the herd."

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Firefighter Stephen Ball added: "The large cow was in someone's back garden after it had fallen in the water and swam down the river.

"However, it was a relatively smooth and successful rescue with a compliant sedated cow - if it was a horse it might have been different."