A farmer had a surprise chat from the police after buying his lunch from a supermarket.

The man had driven to Tesco in Blandford Forum in his £110,000 tractor - which he left running as he did his shop.

Police found the valuable tractor with the engine running and no one with it.

A spokesperson for the Dorset Police No Excuse team said: "We soon located the driver leaving Tesco with a meal deal.

"There’s absolutely no reason to leave the engine running in these circumstances.

"Quitting is a fine-able offence, we would like to raise awareness to the risks of doing this. To prevent thefts, accidents and injuries.

"Imagine if someone had taken it, the damage they could have done and the risks to everyone isn't worth thinking about.

"The driver was out of sight of the tractor, which was running for several minutes."

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The farmer was not given a fixed penalty, but he did receive a talking to.

The spokesperson said: "When he returned, we pointed out the risks to him, he now fully understands the consequences so under the circumstances he was given words of advice."