THE MARKET report from Sedgemoor Auction Centre for Monday, October 26, is as follows. The total stock was 749 head.

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report excellent trades for the last market in October.

(49) UTM & (17) OTM Prime Cattle

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a medium entry of 66 prime cattle met a similar trade. Quality types in very short supply.

Top was 210.5ppk for an extreme shape, yet very lean red Limousin steer from DH & SM Churchill, South Chard, who also sold a shapely, lean Limousin steer at 202.5ppk. Similar shape, yet well covered steer rose to 205.5ppk from CJM Shackleton, Wiveliscombe. Shapely, very lean Charolais steer at 198.5ppk from G Vining, Axbridge. Good Limousin steer at 195.5ppk from BJ Pepperd, Bridgwater. Native steers at 195ppk for a nicely fleshed Hereford from AE & PF Triggol, Fiddington. Further smart Hereford at 193.5ppk from RW Darby & Sons, Middlezoy.

Heifers sold to 207.5ppk for a quality 525kg red Limousin from N Cottrell, Williton, to Palmers Quality Butchers Ltd, Weston Super Mare. Similar black Limousins at 203.5 and 202.5ppk from BA Richards, Williton. Exceptional Blonde heifer, very shapely yet very lean at 203ppk from DF Rawlins, Ashill, who sold a black Limousin at 198.5ppk. Smart Limousin heifers at 200.5 and 194.5ppk from RW Darby & Son, Middlezoy. Native heifers to 189, 188.5, 188, 186.5 and 184.5ppk all from J & A Moon, Glastonbury.

Steers sold to £1,444.55 for a grand 835kg Simmental from DJ & AM Morris, Northleigh. Further steers to £1,384.94 for a 727kg Charolais from G Vining. South Devon at £1,349.22 from R & G Speed, Axminster.

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Heifers sold to £1,307.55 for a 690kg Limousin from AAB Rowe & Son, Chilton Trinity. Blonde at £1,291.08 and Limousin at £1,218.79 from DF Rawlins. Further Limousin heifer at £1,255.13 from RW Darby & Sons. Angus heifers at £1,191.87 and £1,189.50 from JA Moon and £1,189.50 and £1,141.37 from DT & GM Patch & Co, Whitestaunton.


Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a medium sized entry of 71 cull cattle met a 'stand on' trade. Fleshed cattle and assurance in short supply.

Top was 129.5ppk twice. Firstly for a Simmental cow (811kg & FA) from AJV Welch & Sons, Ashill and again for an Angus (677kg & FA) from PJ & LJ Martin, Chipstable. Smart, non assured Simmental at 127.5ppk (766kg) from SC Norman, Salway Ash. Further assured Angus and a Hereford both at 126.5ppk from PJ & LM Martin again. Further assured Hereford 126.5ppk (704kg) from AE & PF Triggol, Fiddington. Several non assured and half meat cows around 120ppk.

Sucklers sold to £1,050.25 for the 811kg Simmental from AJV Welch & Sons. Farm Assured Hereford at £1,028.83 from RF Patten, Hardington Marsh.

Black and whites rose to 127.5ppk for a young (56m) Friesian from PW, MA & RJ Bell, Westhay. Further Friesians at 125.5 and 124.5ppk from PG & JE Baker, Weston Super Mare. Good meat Holsteins at 125.5 and 123.5ppk from R & J Jones & Son, Stogursey, 125.5ppk again from RW Gilbert, Combe St Nicholas and 120.5ppk from JN Wyatt, Crewkerne. Steakers around 115ppk.

Dairy breeds sold to £997.05 for a 782kg Friesian from PW, MA & RJ Bell. Holsteins to £987.69 (787kg) from R & J Jones & Son.

Cull bulls to 111.5 and £1,079.32 for a smart Limousin from PA Strawbridge, Honiton.


Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a much reduced entry of 612 lambs following reports of much lower prices at other centres last week sold to a much stronger trade than expected – particularly for the heavier lambs. The best sold to 207, 200 and 199ppk from R & G Matravers. Others 201ppk from WGF Chave & Son; 200ppk from Rushmore Estate; 198ppk from DM & DM Ginger and 197ppk from RH Hill (2x) and AE Toogood.

Heavier lambs sold to £114, £108, £100 and £97.50 from R & G Matravers. Others £100 and £96 from WGF Chave & Son; £98 from CHJ Atwell & Sons and R Stevens and £96.50 from RH Hill. Overall average £86.61.