The market report from Sedgemoor Auction Centre for Monday, December 14, is as follows.

The total stock was 1429 head.

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report good trades leading into Christmas.

(56) UTM & (24) OTM Prime Cattle

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a medium entry of 80 prime cattle met a firm trade, despite talk of falling deadweight quotes.

Top was 211.5ppk for a very smart Limousin steer (600kg & FA) from J & S Vinnicombe & Son, Exeter, who sold another similar (575kg) at 210ppk. 700kg Limousin steer at 200ppk from R & G Speed, Axminster, who sold another at 190.5ppk (741kg). Blue steers at 192 (674kg & FA) and 189.5ppk (620kg) from JM Cload & Partners; 191ppk (588kg & FA) from SER Hunt, Kilve; 190ppk (681kg & FA) FG Payne Sons, Wellington; 189ppk (510kg & FA) SJ Govier, Crediton and 189ppk (649kg & FA) Ben Payne, Wellington.

Heifers rose to 208.5ppk for a quality butchers red Limousin from J & S Vinnicombe & Son again. Run of Charolais and Limousin cross suckler heifers at 198 (3x) 196, 194, 193.5 and 191ppk (2x) from PJ Hobbs, Minehead. 15m Blue at 196ppk from SER Hunt again. Further Blue at 195.5ppk from JM Cload & Partners, Westport. Limousin heifers at 194ppk, FG, NK & AJ Gammon Ltd, Tolland; 193.5ppk, SER Hunt again and 193.5ppk again, J & S Vinnicombe & Son again. Charolais at 193ppk, RW Fry, Langport.

Steers sold to £1,411.61 for a grand 741kg Limousin from R & G Speed, who sold another at £1400 (700kg at 200ppk).

Heifers rose to £1,274.10 for a OTM 685kg Blue from JM Cload & Partners. Other OTM heifers to £1,229.45 for a 670kg Blue from Vigar & Son, who also sold another OTM 625kg Blue at £1,189.90.

UTM heifers at £1,204.28 for a 616kg Blue from JM Cload & Partners, who sold another at £1,203.75 (642kg). Further Blue at £1,182.41 from FG Payne & Sons. Suckler bred Charolais heifers at £1,170.18, £1,164.24, £1,154.44, £1,146.42, £1,139.72, £1,132.50 and £1,119.26, all from PJ Hobbs.

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Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a medium entry of 75 cull cattle met a slightly brighter trade again. No shapely cattle to push the prices but a well fleshed Angus achieved 129.5ppk from AJV Welch & Sons, Ilminster. Feeding, lean, Charolais at 127.5ppk from JR Payne, Brompton Regis. Nice flesh Hereford at 126.5ppk from MA & SS Sanders, Luckwell Bridge.

Sucklers sold to £1,052.84 from AJV Welch & Sons. Further Angus cow at £996.75 from JN Wyatt, Crewkerne.

Dairy breeds rose to 127.5ppk for a very well fleshed Holstein from MM & EH Lucas, Ilminster, who sold others at 122.5, 120.5 and 119.5ppk. Good meat Friesians at 126.5, 122.5 (2x) and 118.5ppk from F & EJ Strawbridge & Sons, Axminster. Further Holsteins 118.5ppk, IM Davies, Dowlish Wake; 115.5ppk, NF & CO Ellis & Sons, Rampisham; 110.5ppk FH & PJ Bailey, Bridport and 109.5ppk (2x) J Read & Co, Taunton.

Cows sold to £1,218.88 for a massive 995kg Holstein from MM & EH Lucas, who sold others at £1,076.70, £1,060.40 and £1,014.90. Further Holstein £1,147.08, IM Davies.


Greenslade Taylor Hunt report another good number entry of 1274 head sold, as expected, to an easier trade for all presented. This is predominantly due to an influx of numbers nationally selling before the 1st January Brexit deadline. The best were however keenly contested and sold to 224ppk, 217ppk and 215ppk from A & N Pearce. Others 219ppk from Bridgwater College; 217ppk from R Webber, SGE Hatch & Son and S & A Bevan and 216ppk from SG Harraway, MJ Patch and VEA Sparshott.

Heavier lambs sold to £115, £108 (2x) £107, £106 and £105.50 from J Sprake & Partners Ltd. Others to £107.50 from A Dagger, £105 from FH &PJ Bailey (2x) and S & A Bevan. Overall average £91.74.