ONE of speeches Robin Williams gives as the DJ Adrian Cronauer in the film ‘Good Morning Vietnam’ touches on being a car booter.

I know whatyour thinking, the war in Vietnam is like going to a car boot?

Not exactly, stay with me and you’ll find out what I am alluding.

The opening of the monologue goes: “Good morning, Vietnam! Hey, this is not a test. This is rock and roll. Time to rock it from the delta to the DMZ! Is that me, or does that sound like an Elvis Presley movie?

Viva Da Nang. Oh,viva, Da Nang. Da Nang me, Da Nang me. Why don’t they get a rope and hang me? Hey, is it a little too earlyfor being that loud? Hey, too late. It’s 0600 What’s the “0” stand for? Oh, my God, it’s early.”

It’s the last section the ‘Oh, my God, it’s early’ is what every car boot seller and car boot buyer is well aware of each time they go to a boot event.

You have to be an early bird which catches the worm as you become hooked on going, hooked on finding something and hooked on the possibilitythat ifyou don’t go you will miss the big fish.

The thing is, even ifyou go all the time it does not mean success everytime you go.

Success can be found by buying quirkyitems and even buying pieces of art.

What art at a car boot? Quick come and read this geezer in the County Gazette says you can get art at a car boot. “I’ll get me a Mona Lisa at the next one. Ha, Ha, Ha...”

Somerset County Gazette:

The answer is course you can, it is just a matter of looking, spotting and if it is good enough to take the plunge.

I have found pieces of art at a car boot.

One pieces was entitled The Great British Picnic with the kicker “It would have been a disaster without Stork SB Margarine”.

This is clearly an original advertising poster which has been framed but I think was a top buy and now hangs proudlyin my kitchen in Somerset.

The second piece of artwork I bought at a car boot was a framed poster for a Vincent Van Gogh. This is Van Gogh Self-Portrait with Straw Hat 1887.

But this is being used to advertise an exhibition of his work at The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston in 2000.

Somerset County Gazette:

A neat poster to hang, in my case I have put it in the kitchen.

Other framed pictures I picked up were two covers of Vogue magazine. They are framed but there were not hooks or cord, they had been stuck to a wall and then torn off from the plaster.

But I can and you can easily attach the proper hooks and cord to be able to hang them up.

Somerset County Gazette:

It is all about having the eye I would say, the eye to spot a good picture and the eye to spot the potential of what it could give you in your home.

See the potential and you can see the future.

Somerset County Gazette: