Almost 20 years ago, Amanda purchased her own property and began to experiment with the décor in her home. Ever since, her passion for interior design has grown and bloomed into a beautiful interiors business, Amanda Jane Interiors.

“I feel my environment is crucial to my own wellbeing” explains Amanda. “The visual effect that can be achieved by using simple techniques and home staging ideas, creates an environment in which I can feel happy and secure.”

Somerset County Gazette: Passion for Design: 5 top tips from Amanda Jane Interiors

Amanda believes that upcycling is a great way to ensure that furniture is of good quality. “Why have furniture that is flat packed in your home, if you can have a charming solid piece of furniture?” She asks.

“The auctions and online selling sites are always an amazing showcase of unloved items that have such warmth and history it can be so intriguing.”

Using acrylic eggshell paint, such as Farrow and Ball, Amanda upcycles many pieces of grand and antique furniture.

Her proudest item to date, is a beautiful baby grand piano, sat as a centrepiece in her own home, which is chic in design and full of her own furniture creations. Her love of opulent and decadent styling has a large influence on Amanda’s design, yet she is keen to create a look that is natural and liveable; without these key qualities you could not make a house a home.

Amanda knows that it is impossible to recreate something you have seen exactly, so she notes that it is important to pull together colours, textures and styles, maybe in the style of a mood board.

“Focus on the use of the room to ensure the furniture is suited and practical but don’t sacrifice the overall finished look and style” she comments.

“Also, a little bugbear of mine is that furniture does not all need to match in colour; 2 or 3 colours can pull together perfectly.”

Somerset County Gazette: Passion for Design: 5 top tips from Amanda Jane Interiors

Amanda took a chance and gave up her career for her interiors business. With that amount of passion and drive, it is clear to see that she wasn’t going to give up. If this is something that inspires you, Amanda has some great advice.

“Be true to yourself. Follow your own likes and dislikes in the beginning to forge your own style. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Practise a lot in your own home and get feedback from family and friends. I am a perfectionist by nature and this certainly helps but paying attention to detail is absolutely crucial to any successful interiors business.”

Somerset County Gazette: Passion for Design: 5 top tips from Amanda Jane Interiors


Double function furniture

That is stylish and helps to minimise clutter, which is great.

The industrial look

For example, lights with metals with clean cut lines, as well as brick wall features will be popular.

Navy blue

This is the new black for 2018 and it looks awesome in a lounge, dining or study area for people that are brave enough to try it.

Earthy rustic styles

These are always popular and use natural woods and leafy green plants to bring the outside in.


These have never gone out of fashion and are still looking chic, classy and simply elegant.

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