After studying business management at university, Marie always wanted to create her own business.

Launching ‘Capture Booths’ gave her this opportunity whereby she learnt numerous skills. However once the opportunity arose to build her own home in the garden (or what used to be the garden) of her parent’s cottage, she decided to sell the business and concentrate on the new build.

Focusing on family values, Marie designed and built her house so that it was comfortable, relaxed and most importantly became the ‘nest’ that she had always imagined. This sparked Marie’s passion for interior design. Nest Homely Interiors is based around the beauty of her delightful country cottage.

As a farmer’s daughter and someone who has always lived in the countryside, Marie wanted her house to reflect her.

Somerset County Gazette: Create the perfect family home with help from Nest Homely Interiors

“Everything that you see in this house is a decision that we have made” Marie explains. “For me, I wanted an open plan country cottage so that my children could be playing in the lounge and I could be stood in the kitchen preparing supper. I wanted a social house, a family home.”

Building the house from scratch meant that Marie could focus on her family from the start and how they lived their lives. “I had the design of the house in my head for months” Marie comments, “because I knew where the sun set and knew where the road is. Having the L shape meant it would really work and give us the privacy we wanted.

“I love the bifold doors letting the light in and having elements of the outside, inside. It flows beautifully.”

After gaining her business degree, building her own home and having two children, Marie soon realised that the essence of life, for her, was creating a warm and loving home for her family and friends.

Somerset County Gazette: Create the perfect family home with help from Nest Homely Interiors

“I love the feeling and experience of cosy moments whilst enjoying life, whether it's cuddling up by the fire with my family, watching a film or travelling to beautiful Cornwall on a summer holiday” Marie explains. “The concept of creating warmth, connection and wellbeing is how I like to live.”

One of the most important ideas that Marie focused on throughout the design process and still today, is this feeling and creation of Hygge. Most simply, this is the feeling of cosiness or togetherness.

With the idea of 'Hygge' in mind (a Danish word, pronounced ‘hue-guh’), Nest Homely Interiors was born.

The love and admiration of her house and the design process encouraged Marie to work hard and create her own company, so everyone else could share her love of country style interiors as well.

“As the children grew and I had more spare time, I knew wanted to do something I enjoyed. Nest was something that organically developed. Launching the business was really exciting but equally as nerve wracking. I was really passionate about getting the brand right’

Marie first saw a market for personalised rustic crates and this is where Nest Homely Interiors began. The crate orders went from strength to strength and in September 2017, Marie began to think about a website where she could sell other items that she has in her home that would accompany the crates.

Asking Cindy Kitchker, a local photographer to help with the product shots, Nest Homely Interiors soon had a brand, a website and a very good social media following.

Somerset County Gazette: Create the perfect family home with help from Nest Homely Interiors

Marie explains: “I started looking into wholesale companies and decided I wanted to focus on what I liked and what I would have in my home. I love living in the countryside and my lifestyle is very much country living with a contemporary feel “

“All the products I have handpicked because I love them. I wanted the items to fit in with my lifestyle and be part of my journey “

The customers are what keeps Marie going now, she explains that she loves the interaction from them, as well as the idea that they also are going to enjoy and appreciate the products that Marie herself has chosen.

Yet, this doesn’t mean Marie won’t consider another renovation project in the future. “I am a motivated person and I am very driven, in my work and in my home. I am very passionate about what I do, and it has always been that way. I just love it.”

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