WHEN you are looking for an object which can be described as quirky,you should probably quote the Australian comedy Kath and Kim form the 1990s.

This is where either of them when discussing something they think is good they see in a fashion magazine they would say: “That’s nice, that’s different, that’s unusual”.

And the unusual is what many buyers are looking for and what many sellers are trying to find to buy in order to sell.

The quirky, different or ‘unusual’ can come in any shape or form, but one thing it always is for the buyer is subjective.

You have to not just spot the object, but spot its potential in it being different.

What is good about quirky is the objects are not impractical, they can be used again and again.

They are just different to what you would be able to buy in many stores.

Examples of what I have bought which I consider quirky are:

- A meat drainer.  This was a flat drainer on which you would rest a piece of meat but this drainer was in two halves. You could use it separately or join the two bits up together to make one large drainer.

- There are money boxes which would come under the umbrella of car/petrol memorabilia.

The items I bought were money boxes. The first was waving Michelin Man which I sold. The two I have at the moment are two Esso figures.

They are called Frau Tropt and Herr Tropt and are made out of cast iron. You would have them as a money box. Save your money and then undo the screw to separate the two halves. They look great as ornaments.

Somerset County Gazette:

- Russian Dolls. There are numerous types you can buy. I have bought many, usually the ones I have found or gravitated towards have been made in Russia.

Somerset County Gazette:

They are the type of objects people buy as gifts for themselves or for others.

Either way they usually end up at a car boot.

There are a myriad to buyfrom sea captains, animals (different animal everytime you open it), an Indian lady doll, a political Russian doll (different for Russian leaders inside the larger doll) and the usual Babushkas.

Somerset County Gazette:

These can start large and go all the way down to a doll the size of your little finger nail.

Somerset County Gazette:

I even have a New York Mets doll - the baseball team. With a different player everytime you open a doll.

- Tin signs. The quirky one I have is of a Michelin man riding a bicycle. Definitely quirkier than advertising car tyres.

In the case advertising bicycle tyres.

- A tin railway station shop. This would be an added addition to any self respecting railway set any rail enthusiast was building.

Somerset County Gazette:

So get out there, keep your eyes peeled and see if you can spot the unusual and the potential this could give you today when you buy or tomorrow when you sell.