27th September 2018

The following applications and notifications have been received for consideration and can be inspected at the Planning Reception, The Deane House, Belvedere Road, Taunton, TA1 1HE. The letters to the right of the application number indicate how the application or notification will be decided: COM by the Borough Council's Planning Committee; PD by the Parish Council; DD by the Assistant Director, Planning & Environment under delegated powers; CM by Somerset County Council; SS by the Secretary of State.

Where the applications are in bold type there are also local inspection arrangements details of which are on the local parish notice board(s).

BISHOPS HULL: 05/18/0039/LB - TG – DD, Rebuilding of 1 No. gate pier with at Rumwell Park, Wellington Road, Rumwell (retention of part works already undertaken); 05/18/0040 - ANP – DD, Installation and operation of a 49.9MW battery storage facility, fencing and access road on land at Upcott Road, Fideoak, Bishops Hull.

CHIPSTABLE: 09/18/0010 - SW – DD, Erection of single storey extension to rear of Clevelands, Chipstable Road, Chipstable.

CREECH ST MICHAEL: 14/18/0028 - DGRA – DD, Erection of 1 No. single storey dwelling on land to the north of Barnoaks, Worthy Lane, Creech St Michael.

KINGSTON ST MARY: 20/18/0020 - MP – DD, Erection of a detached, timber framed, triple garage at Little Fulford, Yarford Road, Kingston St Mary.

MILVERTON: 23/18/0025/LB - TG – DD, Various internal alterations at Netherfield, Sand Street, Milverton (retention of works already undertaken).

NORTON FITZWARREN: 25/18/0023 - ALAW – DD, Erection of an agricultural storage building, with workshop, and 2 No. polytunnels at Pen Elm, Minehead Road, Norton Fitzwarren.

OTTERFORD: 29/18/0018 - SM – DD, Construction of roof to join main house and extension, replacement of glazed link between house and extension with wall and installation of window at Royston Cottage, Whatley Road, Churchinford.

STOKE ST GREGORY: 36/18/0037 - ALAW – DD, Erection of bungalow on land adjacent to Leeswood, Meare Green, Stoke St Gregory.

TAUNTON: 38/18/0341 - DGRA – DD, Change of use of first and second floor offices from Class A2 (financial and professional services) to Class D2 (assembly and leisure) to be used as an escape room enterprise at 24-28 Mansfield House, Silver Street, Taunton; 38/18/0346 - BMAR – DD, Erection of a two storey extension to the side of 87 Normandy Drive Taunton (amended scheme to 38/18/0073); 38/18/0349 - SM – DD, Erection of single storey extension to rear of 45 Clifford Avenue, Taunton; 38/18/0356 - AD – DD, Outline Application with all matters reserved for the erection of a bungalow on land adjacent to 38 Eastwick Road, Taunton; 38/18/0348 - SM – DD, Demolition of single storey lean-to extension, erection of two single storey extensions, erection of porch, various internal alterations, installation of replacement external windows and doors and formation of vehicular access and off-street parking at 2 Hoveland Lane, Taunton.

TRULL: 42/18/0032 - DGRA – DD, Conversion of garage to studio and storage area with associated building works at Sunnyside, Wild Oak Lane, Trull.

WELLINGTON: 43/18/0061 - MP – PD, Erection of a single storey rear extension at 13 Popes Lane, Rockwell Green, Wellington.

BURROWBRIDGE: 51/18/0011 - SM – DD, Conversion and extension of roof space with erection of porch to the rear of Dairy House, Bullplace Bridge Road, Stathe; 51/18/0014 - SM – DD, Demolition of attached outbuilding and erection of a single storey extension with formation of linked glazing at Stathe Court Barton, Bullplace Bridge Road, Stathe.

COMEYTROWE: 52/18/0026 - MP – DD, Erection of a two storey side extension with replacement of conservatory roof with tiled roof at 43 Fivash Close, Taunton.



27th September 2018

The following applications and notifications have been decided and can be viewed on-line at

ASHBRITTLE: 01/18/0003, Erection of extension to double garage at Hawthorns, Ashbrittle Road, Ashbrittle, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL.

BISHOPS LYDEARD: 06/18/0022, Erection of two storey extension to side of 12 Darby Way, Bishops Lydeard, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL.

BRADFORD ON TONE: 07/18/0013, Erection of garage at Orchard House, Back Lane, Bradford on Tone, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL.

CHIPSTABLE: 09/18/0008, Conversion of ground floor of attached barn to extended residential accommodation at Shutehills Farm, Waterrow Road, Waterrow, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL.

COMBE FLOREY: 11/18/0010, Variation of Condition No. 02 (approved plans) of application 11/18/0005 at The Farmers Arms Inn, Coggins Lane, Combe Florey, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL.

CREECH ST MICHAEL: 14/18/0020, Erection of single storey extension to rear of 9 Vicarage Close, Creech St Michael, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL.

KINGSTON ST MARY: 20/18/0019/T, Notification to fell a line of cypress trees within Kingston St. Mary Conservation Area on the boundary of Lodeshill, Lodes Lane, Kingston St. Mary, NO OBJECTION – TREES.

LANGFORD BUDVILLE: 21/18/0016, Erection of single storey extension to rear of Runnington Farmhouse, Runnington Lane, Runnington, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL.

NORTON FITZWARREN: 25/18/0015, Erection of single storey and first floor extensions and double garage with workshop at Court Farm, Kingdom Lane, Norton Fitzwarren, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL.

OTTERFORD: 29/18/0014, Erection of lean-to extension for fodder storage on agricultural building at Church Farm, Otterford Road, Culmhead, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL.

PITMINSTER: 30/18/0005, Change of use of land from agricultural to domestic with siting of garden shed and compost bins at 6 Greenways, Sellicks Green, Pitminster (retention of part works already undertaken), WITHDRAWN BY AGENT/APPLICANT.

STAWLEY: 35/18/0014, Construction of roof over dung store at Appley Croft Farm, Ham Hill, Stawley, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL; 35/18/0015, Construction of roof over livestock handling area at Appley Croft Farm, Ham Hill, Stawley, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL.

STOKE ST GREGORY: 36/18/0024, Change of use of land from agricultural to domestic curtilage at Dark Lane Farm, Dark Lane, Stoke St Gregory (retention of works already undertaken), CONDITIONAL APPROVAL.

TAUNTON: 38/18/0222, Removal of Condition No. 11 (the tree roots within the line of the new footpath shall be protected by means of a 'cell-web' weight bearing material to avoid compaction of roots and to avoid excavation) of planning application 38/16/0242 at Parmin Close, Taunton, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL; 38/18/0264, Erection of front porch and single storey side extension at 19 Charles Crescent, Taunton, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL; 38/18/0268, Erection of first floor extension at 15 Hartley Way, Taunton, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL; 38/18/0283, Change of use from gym (Class D2) to office space (Use Class B1) at Suites G9, G10 and 107, Viney Court, Viney Street, Taunton (retention of works already undertaken), CONDITIONAL APPROVAL; 38/18/0312/LB, Replacement of 32m length retaining brick wall along South Road at Annecy Court, St Josephs Field, Taunton, WITHDRAWN BY AGENT/APPLICANT.

WELLINGTON: 43/18/0007, Erection of replacement detached workshop / garage at Slade Tower, Dark Lane, Wellesley Park, Wellington (Retention of works already undertaken), CONDITIONAL APPROVAL; 43/18/0080, Conversion of 3rd floor store room into 1 No. flat at 17 High Street, Wellington, REFUSAL; 43/18/0081/LB, Various internal and external alterations to enable conversion of 3rd floor store room to 1 No. flat at 17 High Street, Wellington, REFUSAL.