THE world of local theatre is doing its bit to help medicine in Taunton.

Pinecone Penguin Theatrical which is taking its latest production entitled Heartwood to The Edinburgh Fringe will use this platform to also raise money for the local charity “Love Musgrove”, giving a percentage of our profits to the paediatric department.

Heartwood is a new original play making it’s debut at the Fringe this month.

The play tells the tale of a young girl dealing with grief, change and her own mortality.

Somerset County Gazette:

Eleanor’s subconscious manifests itself as a dismal, haunted wood, where she is forced to confront her emotions head on in the forms of ostriches, hornets, mushrooms and more.

Her best friend ‘Badger’ takes the role of her guardian angel, as she makes the hardest decision of all. To wake up; or not.

Throughout our lives, we all encounter challenges that stir up a complex plethora of emotions.

Eleanor’s trials and tribulations will resonate with all audiences, and help younger generations cope with the darker aspects of growing up and facing our own mortality.

Somerset County Gazette:

Utilising brand new original music, and bespoke hand- made puppets, HEARTWOOD as a show tells a story that will resonate audiences of all ages, and help younger generations cope with the darker aspects of growing up in a sometimes confusing world.

This will be Pinecone Penguin Theatrical second show at the Festival after its successful production of the original musical adaptation of King Kong.

HEARTWOOD will be playing at Venue 13, just off the Royal Mile, from August 5 - 26 (except 14th) at noon.

Somerset County Gazette:

Love Musgrove is also raising funds for a new £1.5m MRI Scanner. The new scanner will provide quality images for diagnosis and monitoring for breast cancer, prostate cancer, liver issues, and cardiac issues.

The two current MRI scanners work to full capacity seven days a week, and the Trust uses external providers to meet the demand.