A 22-YEAR-OLD Scottish singer wants people who listen to her new album to ‘see what she sees’.

Amelia Jocelyn, who was brought up in the village of Wemyss Bay, near the River Clyde, is releasing her first album at The Sangha House, Taunton, on December 2.

Amelia recently graduated from the Glasgow Academy of Music and Sound and is currently working on her first album after the successful release of her first EP, I hear rumours, four years ago.

The album, called Bonnie Songs from the West of Scotland, is due to be released in the coming months.

Inspired by her local surroundings, the album will be a tribute to the local area featuring songs like Ae Fond Kiss by Robert Burns and Song O’ the Clyde.

Speaking about her new album, Amelia said: “My sound I would describe as traditional folk but I try and keep it in the 21st Century through the instruments and soft singing.

“We are going for Eddie Reader and Eva Cassidy.

"We want to cater for everyone so everyone can enjoy the album and the songs.

"People do have an image of folk music but there are different versions of folk and we want to have the broadest appeal.

"Folk music allows you to tell a story about you and something in your life. The songs are very personal.

"We (Ameila and her band) took our time in the studio and we all had a connection to the music and I enjoyed singing the songs.

"I hope the album will be a form of escapism for people to take away and relax.

"What I want to do with it is for people to see what I see.

"Where they can listen to the songs and escape from the real world for a bit.”

Amelia can be heard playing venues across central Scotland and is planning to tour the UK next year.

You can be part of Amelia’s launch in Taunton on December 2, by attending the launch of the album, ‘Bonnie Songs from the West of Scotland.

This will be an evening of songs and entertainment.

Tickets for the event at The Sangha House, Mitre House, Tower Street, Taunton, cost £8.

For further info and to book tickets go online to ameliajocelyn.com