SOMETHING magical is about to happen at the Brewhouse Theatre, hush can you hear him, hush can see him appear.

An enchanting story is about to be spun by the Snow Mouse who will be brought to life in a new show produced by the Travelling Light and The Egg Theatre.

To find out more about the production, Entertainment reporter, Lawrence John, sent Megan Brooks who appears as the child a set of questions, this is what she had to say:

Q: How would you describe the Snow Mouse?

A: Snow Mouse is a courageous inquisitive soul. She can be a lot braver than the child-she tends to dive straight in when her new friend may be more cautious. Snow Mouse is also young and is experiencing a lot of things for the first time. Despite the name I don’t think she has seen snow before.

Q: Is it a distinctly Christmas tale or a winter’s tale?

A: Definitely a winter’s tale! It is a story of a new found friendship in a snow covered landscape. Yes there might be a small hint of Christmas trees and presents, but this is not a story that particularly refers to Christmas and it will definitely still be appropriate long after December 25 has ended.

Q: How have you gone about working on your part so it engages and captivates the young audience?

A: Obviously I am a long time passed being a 5 year old! (The age of my character) But I think it is about capturing the essence of this age-it’s about finding the joy, the wonder and the limitless possibilities and sharing that with the audience. And to be honest, whatever I do will be upstaged by Snow Mouse who is just naturally exciting and engaging.

Q: A number of children’s entertainers I have spoken to say never dumb down an act to a younger audience. Is this true of this play to actually pitch it and let them enjoy it at all levels?

A: Yes, I completely agree and the director Nik Partridge is also a believer in this. There is a lot of children’s theatre out there that feels it has to explain Every Single Moment That Is Happening. The audience isn’t stupid-whatever their age. Especially with younger audiences I believe there is a keen interest to learn and take on new experiences. Yes this play is not sprouting Shakespearian verse, but I do not believe it is patronizing in any way either.

Somerset County Gazette:

Q: What is your character’s name in the play?

A: I do not have one! In rehearsals I am literally referred to as the child. There is never a moment of verbal introduction between my character and Snow Mouse so the young girl remains nameless. Does that mean I am just playing my younger self ? In which case- Megan. It seems as fitting as any other name!

Q: What have the responses been from youngsters who have seen you and the snow mouse in the play?

A: I can’t answer this personally as I am still in the rehearsal process even though this play has been performed numerous times before. The response appears to have always been very positive. The young audiences really relate to the Snow Mouse and I think because it is extremely visual there is so much to take in and enjoy- even for those who haven’t fully mastered the English language yet.

Q: Do you feel young children engage well with a puppet as they see it as being alive and therefore part of the play?

A: I don’t think that applies just to the younger audiences. There is something about puppetry that really brings the audience in. Even as an adult knowing that what you are watching is not really alive...There is a beauty in a tiny being and the way it moves- we can put our own thought processes on to it. Plus Snow Mouse is an incredibly magical and lovely puppet. Of course you want to engage with her!

Q: What sort of magical feeling do you hope this play gives the young viewers?

A: The warmth of friendship, of discovery and of snow. There is something so incredibly exciting and beautiful about snow that even now as an adult when I wake up to a snow covered landscape I am my younger self all over again.

Somerset County Gazette:

Q: What do you hope the young audience take away with them having seen the Snow Mouse?

A: Play. Explore. Have fun. Be brave.

There are wonderful things out there.

There are wonderful people and/or creatures out there who want to share the adventure with you. And mice are cool.

Yeah. Definitely. Mice are cool.

- Tickets for Snow Mouse on December 6-9 cost £10.

Buy online at or call the box office on 01823 283244.