GRETA Garbo is credited with having said 'I want to be alone'?

This is the feeling Scrooge has at the start of A Christmas Carol The Musical.

He wants to be alone, he wants people to keep Christmas in their own way and he can keep it as he sees fit.

Christmas for Scrooge is 'bah humbug' and a time where Bob Cratchit in his words wants to 'pick a man's pocket every December 25'.

If you are going to watch A Christmas Carol The musical then do not expect it to be a carbon copy of a film version of this Dickens classic, it will not be a faithful reproduction of the silver screen, No, this is a musical, an all singing and all dancing production. It says it on the poster a musical.

The signing starts 10 seconds after the bells have chimed and it does not stop throughout the play.

It is a constant cavalcade of costume changes and moving sets.

At times I was reminded of the difference between Las Vegas and Reno. Las Vegas is the equivalent to a Broadway show or one in the West End, while Reno calls itself 'the biggest little city in the world'. And this is what we have on the stage in Taunton, a production which is 'a big little musical'. It has the feel of a West End show but you are watching it in a more intimate surrounding.

The musical is split into two. The first half is the build up to seeing who Scrooge is, why he has the personality he has and we see the two visitations from the Ghost of Christmas past and the ghost of Christmas present.

The second is Scrooge's visit from the Ghost of Christmas future so he can see the future ramifications of what will happen if he does not alter his ways.

It is a small cast of professional actors, community ensemble and musicians who play live.

The professionals comprise of Ben Ashton (Scrooge); Phil Sealey (ghost of Christmas present, Marley and Mr Fezziwig; Jeremy Randall (ghost of Christmas past, Mr Smythe and lamplighter); Geri Allen ( ghost of Christmas future and Mrs Fezziwig); Dominic Brewer (Bob Cratchit and Young Marley); Megan Leigh Mason (Mrs Cratchitt and Emily) and Tom Allenby ( Fred and Young Ebenezer Scrooge).

The musical rattles along and hits the right notes (literally) and figuratively as it enchants and delights both young and old.

It is the perfect Christmas treat and one which will fill everyone who sees it with festive cheer.

Catch it at the Brewhouse Theatre until December 30.

Tickets can be bought online at or call the box office on 01823 283244.