A S far as Ellie Taylor PLC is concerned is 25 per cent administration.

Clearly Ellie Taylor is not a PLC she is of course for those who have seen her in BBC 2 political satire/news show The Mash Report or those who have seen or going to seen her stand up shows.

Her newest show This Guy will be landing at the McMillan Theatre in Bridgwater on Thursday, February 8.

Each show is as far as Ellie is concerned “My shows have so far tended to be about what stage I’m at in life.”

Talking to Ellie and listening to her answers to my questions, she admitted “Comedy changed her life” from working in a 9am-5pm job which she gave her no self respect and did not exactly motivate her.

The phrases which stood out in my notes were ‘big ego’, ‘low self esteem’, ‘desire to show off’ and getting ‘a pat on the head’, ‘instant gratification for her comedy’.

There is a lot to take in when speaking to Ellie Taylor.

She got into comedy as she did not enjoy her job working in marketing.

Ellie said: “I never thought I would do a desk job, it was something I just drifted into after university.

"Doing comedy was something I did on the side as I didn’t have any self respect in my job. It did not make me feel productive and I was not feeling self affirmation.

“What stand up did for me was I was in control of it.

"I wrote it and I performed it and if I wanted to make changes or skip a joke then I could. It gives me an immediate response.

"Comedy has given quite a lot. I have a bit more confidence now.

"I was like a classic performer who had a big ego and low self esteem.

“Time and time again I learnt I could work much harder than I thought I could especially now I am self employed.

"I have a different work ethic but I am still a control freak over myself.

"I like the immediate response and self worth from doing comedy, the It makes me feel happy and thee is nothing better.

Comedians look at the world differently, many believe nothing, no topic should be off limits as long as the joke in funny and your audience go with you.

Ellie believes there should be no limits but for her she sticks with what would be her own boundaries and what she feels comfortable talking about.

She explained she has done sections of comedy about feminists, smear tests of eating disorders.

But she said at times the room went quite and said the way she found to break this awkwardness was to reference the topic which then help release the awkwardness.

Ellie realised comedy was important to her when she did her first gig.

She was with her boyfriend who is now her husband who told her after the gig she had been very good and she should do it again.

So she did ‘give it a go’ and this gave her more confidence and as a result she had found her new niche in the world.

Ellie said: “Comedy does define me.

“When you work for yourself you and it (comedy) melt into one.”

- Ellie Taylor: This Guy. Limited number of tickets costing £12.

Book online at mcmillantheatre.com or call the box office on 01278 556677