THE hippy ethos of bringing people together is being lived in Watchet as the town gears up for its first pantomime in living memory.

Cinderella Rockerfella has been written and directed by Peter Stephenson (aka Pete the Poet) and will take place at Watchet Community Centre on the weekend of February 24/25.

Pete the Poet is a teacher of drama and English and he wrote the original script for a school panto in rhyming couplets.

He has brought it up to date with allusions to local places and events.

A cast has been picked and rehearsals for the pantomime are in full swing.

Together with musical director, Graham Kennedy he has helped create the Watchet Community Choir about a year ago.

All the performers are amateurs, some have acted with Minehead and Brewhouse drama and some of the children have been in dance productions.

Music is provided by Graham Kennedy on keyboard, folk violinist Tanya Allen and the jazz drummer, Paul McGrath.

The chorus are all members of the Community choir.

From the formation of the Watchet community choir in 2016 they will now present a pantomime.

The choir has 80 members and Pete decided to extend the choir’s repertoire with all the fun of a panto.

Pete the Poet said: “This is the first Watchet panto for a very long time and it has been a great pleasure to work with such a great team.

“We are a good time sing-along choir with an emphasis on audience participation so please join in with the songs.

"Every part of this traditional pantomime with a new twist.

“We will transport you back to the summer of love, 1967.

Cinderella lives in a hippy commune and is in love with a pop star called Prince.

“Cinderella meets her prince at a pop concert where you get the traditional search for whose shoe is this? and who will it fit?

Somerset County Gazette:

“They meet and fall in love of course but beware the evil Erno.

“He wants the beautiful green meadows for the development of a block of flats! Get ready to join in with the choruses of protest and celebration!

“With special thanks to the remarkable Graham Kennedy and the multitude of talented people involved in this unique project.

The hippy ethos is everyone hope this pantomime will bring the community together, both young and old in the town.

Pete said: “The play is set in 1967 and Cinderella lives on a hippy commune in the countryside.

“But a property speculator wants to buy the land to build a skyscraper on it.

“There is an energy to it all with the children being included and the Watchet Community Choir.

“I hope it is a success and leads to a pantomime being performed for the next 50 years and it become part of the community.

“There is a rhythm to it (as it is written to rhyming couplets) and it is easy to learn.”

Pete hoped the pantomime would act as catalyst in bringing young and old together by appearing in Cinderella and also brining the community together as a result of coming along to see it performed.

He felt one of the spin offs would be people could get involved either by singing, acting or by helping to make props with future shows.

There will be four performances of Cinderella during the weekend of 24th/25th February at the Watchet Community Centre.

Tickets are available from Watchet Post Office at £5 for adults and £2.50 for children.

The group is still looking for youngsters from Watchet to be involved in the play and who are comfortable in their ability to act.

If you fit the bill call Pete on 07896867799.